Monday, 13 April 2015

Our Favorite Nigerian Naturalistas!

I don't know if calling it a trend would be appropriate but i definitely know that in the last 2 years or so, there's been a massive natural hair movement. I got my own big chop last year because i finally grew the balls to; my hair had gotten so weak/thin from constant relaxing and ever since, i've been loving it. That being said, here are some fabulous Nigerian celebrities who would make you drool over nappy! Yes, you can look even more stunning in your natural kinky hair than you ever thought.

Omoni Oboli - She is so beautiful, i can't deal. The actress' hair is simply IT! Thick, dark and she's got some serious styling game! Way to go Omoni, she's a huge inspiration.

Ese Ekpa Etim - Seriously, i don't know which to love more....Ese's gap or hair?

Chimamada Adiche - Stunning woman!

Jodie - let's just say, she's such a kuchie kuchie princess. Very cute! I'm always obsessed with her bun when ever i watch her musical videos.

Sisi Yemmie - I followed the bloggers natural hair journey and she was amazing. She even rocked nappy for her wedding, #breathtaking!

Funmi Iyanda - The broadcast extraordinaire is professional, fun and ever witty!

Who amongst these fabulous women inspires you most? I say all! Lol!



  1. Ese puts the swag in Afro. I like the attitude she rocks it with and Sisi Yeah just killed it for me with the wedding do.

  2. Omoni and nse ekpa rock it so well.

  3. First,her name is Nse Ikpe Etim.

    I like all these women and really proud of their African-ness.

    Am team natural hair. We use to call ladies with natural hair,mma nachi back then in FGGC,Calabar. Lol


  4. They all rocked the hair well.Am team natural too,maybe one day,will send u my pics too..

  5. Is there a special conditioner they use cos its all very soft

    1. Yes @ nku,u can use trader Joe's nourish spa conditioner.Its very good for natural hair..