Saturday, 31 August 2013

Is blonde gradually becoming the new black?

Some are signature looks while some transitioning from time to time but no doubt, it seems to be the 'in thing' happening in entertainment right now. We've seen it on daring celebrities like Tonto Dike, Fashion forward women like Stephanie Okoreke Linus and vivacious vixens like Rukky Sanda, even the brothers are not left out with actor Nonso Diobi debuting his a while back. Ordinarily, i would have considered it a celebrity thingy but am seeing it on the streets too. What do you think about the growing trend? Do you think blonde is gradually becoming the new black particularly with Africans? Would you be embracing or ditching the trend??? Lets have your contribution. BTW, Rukky looks amazing in her new hairdo below.

SolaDunn's style challenge courtesy Hesey Designs!

Brace yourself people, its time for you to put all the fashion tips i've been giving you to the test. A style challenge is coming up soon courtesy our friends at Hesey Designs. Its going to the first of its kind so get ready to strut your stuff.  Hesey Designs is a women's apparel and accessories line with pieces ranging from handmade accessories to shoes, slippers, journals,bags, purses and jewelry, all inspired by the African culture. Readers/Visitor, if you'r looking to grab an incredible piece worth a wooping 16k from the amazing brand for free, keep it locked right here on your favorite fashion blog. Checkout some of their items below

Friday, 30 August 2013

'BRA'fication from SolaDunn..........Vol 1!

Over the years working as a personal shopper/stylist with various types of clients, one of my biggest challenge is finding the 'right' bra to complement every apparel. Shopping for them is enough headache let alone, matching them with clothing. So, from time to time, i've gotten to learn that for every apparel, neck line, breast size, there's is always a perfect bra. I have therefore complied this post in-other to help you eradicate/solve the problems of wearing the wrong type of bra with your clothing. Below are the most common apparels, necklines, mistakes and solutions.

Style debate - Anklets! and oh, my experience! lol!

Anklet is a a piece of jewelry worn around the leg (ankles) mostly by women and a few men. At this part of the world, am sure you'd agree with me that there are mixed perceptions to the fashionable piece, so today i want a sincere deliberation on what your opinion is on it. Do you wear one? If yes, why? If not, why? Lets talk..............

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Blush colored blazers - Yay or Nay?


It might sound weird to you, but that is the new color fashion is hearting at the moment. I thought it was funny until i saw it on project fame's David last week and now Rihanna. What do you think about the unique color? and BTW, is it just me or Rihanna looks sick in this outfit? By sick, i mean jaw dropping gorgeous, her total look is just perfection particularly the botton up shirt.........another photo when you click

Classy Michelle Obama!

The united states first lady 'Michelle Obama' looked classy as usual in this floral patterned dress by Tracy Reese Fall 2013 and patent pumps. This was just 2 days back during the commemoration of Martin Luther King's infamous 'i have a dreamspeech ............... Your thoughts! And who wore it best, she or the model?

Robin Thicke's stripped suit - Yay or Nay?

This was what the sexy singer Robin Thicke wore to the recent VMA's. What do think about his ensemble? I really don't know why, but he looks super cool. Not feeling the shoes tho!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shoe trending - Cut out flats!

Are you tired and bored of the same old barbie doll flats and ballerinas? I've got just the perfect flat recommendation/finds for you - THE CUTOUT FLATS. They've been super huge over the past couple of months with designers like miumui and zara (to mention a few) giving various intricate detailing and approaches to simple footwear.

Tip to getting the perfect nude lips!

If you ever get confused on what shade matches your skin tone when it comes to going nude on lipsticks? Use your CONCEALER! I use a lancome concealer and apply it on my lips all the time. I will write a ful post soon on my favorite brands so keep it locked yeah! For now, wwwwhaaaaa!!!!!!!!!l

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What i wore to my friends bachelorette!

This lovely top was a birthday gift from my sweet mama. I rocked it for the first time to my friends bachelorette on the island a couple of weeks back (almost forgot to put up this post since o, wahala). Breakdown - Blouse (birthday gift from mum, water colored one shoulder), Pants - Mango, Shoes (not pictured) - Lime, Purse - Hologram (super vintage), earrings - straight from a friends ears *winks*. Tho i don't have permission to put up pictures from the party, you can see another of mine below. BTW, do you see what i see? I hope not, hehehehehehe!!!

Keep this in mind while picking out your rompers!

Rompers are sexy! one of my favorite apparel. They are super comfy, chic and always a go-to however the greatest mistake a lot of women make while picking out theirs is that 'you pick your exact size' - this is a NO NO. When it comes to other apparel, going for your real sizes or sometimes lesser are always the slimming choice but never with rompers and jumpsuits. This is usually for one main reason - the crotch! Once the crotch area of your rompers/jumpsuit is really tight just as heather and Karutche above, regardless of the fabric or designer - its is going to end up looking very unflattering on you particularly if they are the fitted ones. Your hips, thigh and butt adds volume to that area. 

Why do people avoid the top/bottom of sliced bread?

Okay now guys, I know...I know....I know!!! This is totally off point but c'mon na, let's explore a bit of humor and chilax on the fashion seriousness for a bit. Oya, this stuff happens in my house and office all the time, I don't know if you can relate to it too. Why do people avoid the top and bottom of sliced bread? In my house, everyone takes from the middle until the top literarily meets the bottom. Its happened again today in the office and it got me seriously thinking. Why? Can you relate to it? If yes, why? Holla, Lol!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Barbz and Eku Edewor's outfit....Perfect or Pathetic?

There's Barbz and Eku Edewor at the recent 'Grey Goose world's best music party' held in Lagos. What you think about both of their outfits? For me, Barbz has a killer body (OMG) but she's never wowed me with her fashion choices - i don't understand this outfit from any angle (the superman face-cap, cropped LOL Tee, slit skirt, shoes, purse, bangles and even the hair). Eku looks one word tho, #Fabulous (aside the hair) Lol - she's such an incredible dresser. Do share your thoughts on both of their fashion. FYI ladies, if you must wear a cropped top and look classy, make sure it covers your navel.

Did Rihanna disappoint you with her VMA outfits?

The diamond singer 'Rihanna' opted for a more casual and demure look to the VMA's last night. She wore this simple ripped  muscle Tee paired with slouchy denim pants, choker necklace and sandals. However for the after party she explored her more sexy side by slipping into this black decolletage LBD (below). Would you say she disappointed you with her outfits particularly for the show?

Fashion from the VMA awards 2013!

There were hits and misses from last nights show (did you catch it?). Here are all the fashion. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are my favorites BTW, see more when you click and share your thoughts on who looked perfect and who looked pathetic.

Hair trending......the side part chopped bob cut!

Ciara, Beyonce and Rita Ora! what do you think? I'm typically loving the dark highlight at the bottom cos it gives the existing cut a more modern and fresh look - i also feel it'll work best for an oval faced right! To view my post on the chopped bob cut and which best suits your facial frame, click here.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sexy Waje rocks her wedge sneakers.....and a new hairdo!

Checkout the gorgeous singer 'Waje' rocking one of the most sort after footwear of the season 'wedge sneakers' and a new bohemian hairdo. What do you think? I think she looks amazing as always..............another photo after the cut

Saturday, 24 August 2013

The many faces of Beyonce!

See the evolution of the bootilicious diva 'Beyonce' over the last 14 years. Which year(s) is your favorite? One thing i noticed through all the pictures, her lovely smile!

There is a Chanel lego clutch for just 35k?

Talk about an imitation! Lol! yes peeps, there is and i confirmed it myself from a Nigerian store online. As a fashion amebo, i know these clutches debuted on Chanel's spring 2013 runway and are estimated at $10,000 (N1.8M). We've seen them on quite a number of fashion forward celebrities like Rita Ora, Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and most recently our very own Genevieve Nnaji. Personally, i've seen them on a few ladies which got me thinking - seriously? *raised eye brows* Lol! But yeah, there is a more accessible imitation of the gorgeous piece for just 35k.

Face-off - Rita Dominic or Konga model in pajamas inspired denim!

I love my stylish girl Rita but am not too sure about this denim ensemble on her - there's just too much going on from the hair to the chain, handbag and the outfit kinda looks too slouchy on her but i looove her red stiletto better and that's where the contradiction comes in for me. I don't like the shoes on the model atall cos its way too bulky (ankle strap, peep toe and block heels all in one) to compliment her look, naaaaa....not working for me but the denim ensemble sits better on her. So, over to you guys, who do think wore it better? Rita Dominic or the Konga model?

Friday, 23 August 2013

My most memorable dresses on Linda Ikeji!

If theres anything the entertainment blogger 'Linda Ikeji' loves more than her blogging, its got to be her dresses. Linda wears dresses so much, i can't even picture her in pants, Lol! Her taste in fashion sort of contradicts her persona as an entertainment blogger which is one of the reasons why i admire her. Her choice of dresses are very feminine, classy and conservative. She's been able to wow me on a couple of occasions and here are my best 6. BTW, girlfriend has got what we call 'da body' Dayum! Now let me know, which is your favorite? 

Would you spend 52k on a T-shirt?

That's rapper EVE spotted lately while out and about rocking this simple skinny denim, flip-flops and muscle Tee (love her laid back look BTW) but what you might not know is that the Tee which is actually by designer 'Stella MCcartney' is worth a whooping $330 (N52,800). I mean, i'm all for splashing the cash when you have the money but 52k on a Tee? WOW! would you consider?

Yipeeeeee, am BACK!

OMG!!! you guys are unbelievable! Am so appreciative of your kind words, prayers and love. I was overwhelmed to read all the comments today. I can only pray that God blesses you immensely - from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much. Again, my apologies for being away for so long, it was just beyond me.
Am super excited to be back, thank God for his mercies. Just need a lil time to settle in and in only a few hours, we'll get chatting. Before that, what did i miss? Can't wait to hear from you. Much love and thanks again!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Am going to be MIA!

Hey guys, am so sad to tell you am going to be unavoidably absent from blogging for the next 3days. For personal reasons. No doubt i'll miss you so much but by then, God willing, i will be back. Please read through existing posts and don't forget to drop comments (i love reading them). Do take care and be fashionable as always. Love, SolaDunn.

Beyonce rocks her Bobonce cut 'on stage'

Sometimes it seems am not seeing Beyonce, Lol. The bob cut looks so different on her however, the good thing is - i can see the confidence gradually building up. Spotted on several occasions last week, Queen B flaunts her infamous Bobonce cut while performing on stage! Loving or Hating it? My opinion, every woman needs a haircut at a particular time in their life, Beyonce couldn't have chosen a better time for this and with this debut (like it or not), i see tones of women chopping off their locks - shailene woodley already had hers after Beyonce. See pictures from her tour performances and sightings when you click.

Get her look - Stephanie Okereke Linus' purple drap dress!

Isn't this woman incredibly gorgeous now! and her skin, DAYUM! Anyways, that is the very beautiful actress Stephanie Okereke Linus while on vacation with her hubby. I fell inlove with this dress as soon as i saw the pic. Get the look by purchasing this lovely Tibi draped dress - costs $395 (63,200). Available online here. Thinking its too expensive, check out the lovely Genevieve Nnaji rocking hers  awhile back. Hers was the pine draped dress and costs $470 (75,200). Pic below.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tolu Oniru in head to toe Denim - Yay or Nay?

The curvaceous OAP 'Toolz' spotted one of the biggest trends of this year in her recently released photo shoot. What do think about the look? Yay or Nay? What am loving most is the knotted shirt. #SuperCool! Perfect shades of blue and the pants just hugs in the right places. To read/learn more on the denim trend, check out my post from here

checkout this 600 year old bra! WOW!

It is said that the bra was discovered in an Australian castle dating back to 1400's. This means bras have been in existence for over 600 years now. Whats funny, its looks exactly like we have now, doesn't it? (atleast in shape). The discovery was very shocking because in fashion, 'modern day' bras are only about 100 years old. WOW! Take that Victoria secret! Lol!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Introducing the Boboncé cut!

Its official guys! First Beyonce got the word 'bootilicious' into the oxford dictionary and now she's done it again with her bob haircut. The super sexy mother of one debuted this bob cut and now editors have named the hair 'the Boboncé cut'. What do you think? FYI, for me, i don't like this haircut from any angle, not her best look atall. In short, its a total mess! BTW, people are saying the pixie cut she showed off last week wasn't her real hair, neither is this or any other hair we've seen on her. Regardless, B.....please get it together. I do like the hairpiece tho!

Africa Trending - Velvet and Lacy tops!

Velvet, velvet!! Velvet!!! You might stone me for this but i must admit i've never been a fan of velvet - never worn it before in my life just because i feel it is one fashion trend that is highly seasonal and (un)versitle. I feel it only comes around like one or two times in decades and that is it. It was really huge in the mid 90's while i was in junior high to extent that it even had a song (remember the father u-turn aposhe song hey, lol). Not until now that the world of fashion is giving an entirely new definition to the trend, i think i might just be changing my whole wardrobe to strictly velvet fabrics. You're gonna love this, more when you click........... 

Urban street fashion that caught my eyes from Hollywood!

I love it when fashionistas are able to transform really simple and basic apparels into sophisticated chic urban looks. There were amazing street fashion from Hollywood this week and above are my favorites. From L to R, Jamie Chung, Kelly Rowland, Heidi Klum, Kristin Cavallari and Gwen Stephani. Yup, they are all in print pants - well that's cos am a pants girl. Lol! Which is your favorite. For moi, #TeamKelly!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Disgustingly yummy in white - the Adeleke brothers!

That's Davido and elder brother Wale at their sister's wedding today. Boy are they hawt or what! Congrats to the new bride 'Sharon'. Love her smile!

Do you consider 'FLORALS' on men an insult to their masculinity?

Talk about a controversial collection. Top designer 'Tom Ford' recently released his Spring 2014 menswear collection and tongues are wagging. The collection features bright bold colors, florals and brocade fabrics not forgetting the trending loafers. Fashion critics are saying the collection 'allegedly' insults mens masculinity! Personally, i love this collection - i just feel its not that type of trend that can be pulled off by all but with a good styling, i could work. Ain't nothing wrong with deviating from norm  and when it comes to pushing the edge, am a huge fan of that (as long as its done right). See more of the collection below and lets have your thoughts. Would you fellas consider wearing florals? Would you ladies consider putting your men in floral patterns?

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Men in swim suits..........Yay or Nay?

I've seen a lot of crazy things in fashion but this sort of tops my chart. Like seriously dude? Are you kidding me? hahahahahahaha!!!! This is just way extreme, i don't even know what to say. Okay, maybe i'd like to see my man wear this in the bedroom but at the beach......HELL NO! Anyways, brother sure has a nice *clears throat* tho. Lol! Over to you peeps, would push or stop the trend?

You loved it, i found it! Genevieve Nnaji's print pants!

The sexy actress, Genevieve Nnaji instagramed this pic of herself a while back looking very laid back in geeky shades, sheer tank and this incredibly fashion forward print harem pants. Her chain detailed harem pant is by international/Nigerian designers Agnes & Lola. Its cost £75 (N18,750). If you're so inlove with it, purchase it online from their site here. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kim Kardashian obsessed with black lace? So are we!

If there's one thing I heart about the gorgeous kim kardashian, its got to be her love for fashion. Sometimes perfection, sometimes not so much but we all can agree to fact the she's taken urban fashion to an entirely different level. A particular apparel that is peculiar to her and not forgetting she works it so effortlessly is the 'black lace'. Shes worn it incredibly from tops to jackets, dresses and in every apparel you can ever imagine. Some of her most memorable pregnancy looks were made in black lacy apparels.

Stunning Miss Tonto Dike!

C'mon now, don't you just wish Tonto would look this divine everyday. Makeup or not, i think she looks gorgeous and to think she's wearing her natural hair. Hmmmmm........i've always known there was something behind all those controversy girl..........BTW, what do you think about are ensemble to the CoolFM studio below?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Incredible African beauties!

I don't know who she is but her beauty just got me *love strucked* BTW, has any of you tried the braids using wool? I've seen them a couple of times and they look really cool! See another amazing photography and styling below.......Africa is truly beautiful!

Oprah stunning in sequin!

How incredible stunning does Oprah look in this dress! The fit, shoes, blings, clutch and OMG, that HAIR = perfection. And to think shes going on 60? WOW!!! She wore this to the butler premiere, what are your thoughts? To me, she looked unbelievable.........

Hilary Duff's silk romper.....yay or nay???

I mean, you've got to be stunning to pull off a 'romper' on a red carper right! The mother of one and actress, Hilary Duff stunned in this silk romper by Maje to the 'planes' Hollywood movie premiere. What do you think? for me, forget about the lace trimmed silk romper, lets talk about that statement necklace. WOW! Am not to too typical about the lacy silk romper (even tho i think its lovely but kinda unflattering for her body), that necklace took the outfit from 10 to a 100 in an instant.  A variety of her statement necklaces can be gotten from Dannijo (OMG, they've got amazing one), so for our outside readers, you can check them out. Oh boy! that ever beautiful smile on Hilary! What are your thoughts on her look?

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The best pixie haircut to match your OVAL face!

If you are oval faced, then count yourself amongst the lucky ones cos you have a whole lot of advantage when it comes to hair styling and makeup as compared to the round, heart or rectangle shaped faces. Am sure you are asking - how would you know if you are oval faced? Its quite easy to determine, just pick up an egg and look at its shape closely. If your facial frame looks similar to it, then you are oval shaped. Your most visible facial feature is your pronounced chin. Some of you might be lucky to have a well structured cheek bone like that of Genevieve Nnaji.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Destiny's Child short pixie hair face-off....who does it suits the most?

The former trio 'Destiny's child' now have all taken the huge plunge of going pixie short however at different times......who do think the short cut suits the most? Do share your thoughts and later, i'll let you know what am trying to bring out from this post okay! Michelle, Kelly or Beyonce?

You loved t, i found it......Rita Dominic's wedge sneakers!

Phew!!! so, finally, i found the sneaker wedge and it can be delivered to readers only in Lagos. A blog reader sent me samples of those which he's willing to have shipped in from the UK at a discounted price only if there are significant amount of buyers (due to courier cost i think). Am not gonna put up his store details cos its not paid for (obviously) but do e-mail me ( if you are interested so i can send you his details before wed 14th. BTW, when did she wear it best?

Friday, 9 August 2013

SPANX - Every woman's best friend!

Have you ever wonder if you need one or rather why you need one? Most people and society attach the undergarment 'spanx' to plus sized women but am telling today that everyone - (big or small), what ever body type needs a spanx (so far you've got boobs, lol). Spanx are undergarment generally worn by women and a few men. They are mostly worn to serve as underwear, girdle, body enhancers and other purposes depending on what the wearer is set-out to achieve. In fashion. Spanxs are the most important and basic apparel to serve as foundation in other to make your clothing appear most flattering.

See how your half shaved head matches your facial frames!

Daring, risky, over-the-top, edgy.............any which way you want to look at it, the obvious truth is that - this particular hairstyle suits an oval faced more than a round faced. I don't think Toke shaved half of her hair but she made it in that direction so i thought to put both pictures together for a clear comparison of how it works with various facial frames. Toke apparently did a lot contouring on her face to match the hair but apparently doesn't look as  good as Ini (hair-wise that is). Also, if you have a rectangle face like the Nwaneho twins below, stay off this hair style cos it only makes your face appear more masculine/brick than its already is.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Beyonce's new haircut......Love it or hate it?

I really don't know if am loving or hating it, tho a drastic change but am really excited to finally see Beyonce's natural hair. As to if it suits her or not, am just gonna chill for the next couple of days and see how she wears the new haircut with her style - i think that's when we can truly decide and see its beauty. Getting a drastic haircut could be quite daunting but after you really get into it, you're like 3snaps everywhere, Lol! We'll chill Beyonce, we'll chill.  Nonetheless, what do you think about what you are seeing?