Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pleated shorts......Love it or Hate it?

Here's the thing, pleated shorts are amazing! No doubt about that. They are very classy, super retro and absolutely something i would wear. Things is, this apparel unfortunately isn't one of those 'every one' can pull off. My advice, do not wear pleated shorts (or anything pleated for that matter) if you are heavy at the bottom (i.e, pear shaped) cos it will end up looking very unflattering. However, if you are narrow at the bottom (rectangle shaped), this apparel is a gotta have. It adds volume to your lower section and gives the illusion of a more curvier hips.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Oh Tyra Banks.........what went wrong girl???

I mean, i love Tyra Banks to of the most beautiful black women in the world for sure! But there's something up with her these days. Dunno if its a problem with her stylist or whatever - shes's just getting it all wrong! Have a look at her just a few days ago making an appearance at the CBS showtime party, she was head to toe a 'hot mess'. Her ensemble was made-up of lovely individual pieces but the co-ordination was just one from hell. And whats up with her 'girls'? Implants maybe? Hope not! Whatever it is, you've got to get it together Tyra cos you're way better than this. What do you think? and oh, those earrings should go straight into the trash can! Lol!

What do you think about Ciara's new hair?

She recently debuted this over the top enormous hair and am feeling it like OMG!!! Ciara has got an amazingly structured face so she can pretty much pull of any hair style. Am really digging this ultra-curly about you? See another pic when you click.

Face-Off - Ebube Nwagbe V Maytedoll in HighLow cutout dress!

Both look very classy and glamorous but who's version are you feeling most? Ebube Nwagbo in fushia pink accessorized with bold statement necklace and mint pumps or my very sweet fashionista (maytedoll) in the mint version paired with Zara metallic cap toe pumps and bold statement cuffs?......the high-low cut-out dress is by 'InLoveWithFashion' which is currently sold out!

Artificial or Beautiful?.........What do you think about her face?

There's been huge controversy on Facebook about this image being too artificial, plastic and what not. I don't know, people could be unnecessarily mean atimes. I think the model is very gorgeous with amazing features - photography, styling and makeup on point! Yeah, a couple of painting/touches on there but its an editorial shot and this is exactly what they should look like isn't it. What do you think about the picture guys? Do you feel it doesn't depict true African beauty?

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Trend Alert, Head to Toe Denim.........(updated)

I wrote about this timeless trend a few months back, from here - and most recently, two of our most stylish celebrities (Tiwa Savage and Genevieve Nnaji) were spotted in it........ which just goes to prove the denim apparel will continue to live up to its ageless title! Exclusively for my fashionable readers/visitor that didn't catch it then, learn more about the trend now as updated.

Yeah Yeah, its made its come back for almost 2 years now but i just can't seem to get enough of the look. Rihanna made a stunning appearance just last week in the early 90's trend and she totally proves that the head 2 toe look ain't going no where. What i typically love about it is how it keeps evolving (we all know in Fashion, What goes around is always gonna come back around). A bit  daring and tricky to pull of considering our 'Naija sun swag', however i'll be giving a couple of style ideas that would help you become a 'matchy matchy' pro in no time.............

Tonto Dike stuns in Jumpsuit!

This has got to be the best i've seen Tonto in recent times. OMG!!! She looks absolutely stunning in this pink Jumpsuit. Perfect hair (love her bangs) and makeup, minimal jewelry (i heart) and that clutch is just super chic. The only problem i have tho is that i wish she had worn a spanx to accentuate and properly define her mid-section but aside from that, #Glamorous! What do you think peeps? BTW, this was her at the Torn Movie premiere.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Annie Idibia's understated fashion......Hit or Miss???

Am so happy that finally our celebrities are gradually embracing understated and chic fashion. How stunning does Annie Idibia look in this simple ensemble? Just a simple black blazer, striped tanks and yellow pants......i heart her make-up. She's twerking those brows now isn't she, Lol! What do you think about her look guys?

You loved it, i found it! Emma Nyra's white cut out dress!

There were mixed feelings about this dress from my post here but i think Nyra looks hot in it, its a lovely piece and takes a lot to pull off without looking slutty. Her super sexy cut-out dress is from ASOS and costs just $40 (N6,250). If you are are willing to take the daring plunge, get it online here. Check it out on the model below.

Friday, 26 July 2013

SolaDunn's Top 6 styling for a regular blazer!

We all know that blazers especially black is a must have wardrobe staple. If by this day and age, you don't have one or two blazers in your closet, then you are still sleeping on a bicycle. Its a must have apparel for every woman - worn with literarily everything (skirts, shorts, dresses, pants, rompers and jumpsuits). It chic'ens your outfits, its trans-seasonal and its been around since forever. Today, am going to writing on how to spice/jazz up a regular blazer so it doesn't appear really basic and boring! Be it black, floral, lace, satin...........Here are a my few stylish approaches I recommend

What i'll be wearing this weekend - shiny leopard skin legging, kicks and bright nails!

Yeah! its Friday and boy am i looking forward to it weekend, not only has my week been quite dramatic but also i'll be catching up with a close pal (haven't seen in a while so am super excited to be catching up). As usual, that got me to the ultimate question - what should i wear? so before i get myself unnecessarily worked up, i simply thought to pull some existing stuffs out of my closet.  I didn't want to look too serious cos it's a really naughty friend neither do i want to look shabby (lailai, lol) so i got digging. Suddenly i bumped into my studded leopard print leggings which i haven't worn in months and my red sole Reebok kicks. *click*, i got myself a look - i will be pairing it with a simple V-neck plain white Tee and bright colored nails (purple, which is huge now). My shiny leopard print legging is by MissRebel, sold out now cos i got i early this year on sale for just $10 (N1,600), similar ones here and Reebok kicks for $60 (N9,600), similar ones here. Hope you get to pull one or two inspiration(s) from this and enjoy your weekend! *kisses*

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Face-off - Chris Brown V. Skales in long white poplin shirt!

While am certain Chris Brown's version is by Gucci (Spring 2013 collection and boy do i heart that shirt on him from his 'ready' video with Fabulous), i may not be able to say the same for Skales cos am not really understanding his' (i think hes got his tailored tho). First is, i want to have your thoughts on this new fashion for men (long shirts) and who's poplin long shirt version are you feeling the most? There's Chris Brown up, see Skales' pic when you click.

Leopard print shirts for MEN, you like? ft Davido n Praiz!

Gone were the days were leopard prints were for fierce and overly sexy fashionista's who are looking to channel their inner 'animal'. These days, we see animal prints such as crocks, python and now leopard on fashionable men. Here in Nigeria, we've spotted the likes of Davido and Praiz (both i consider to be very stylish men). So fellas, are you up for the trend? I think am liking it cos its something out-of-the-box, its unusual and edgy!

Coat made from 'male chest hair' on sale!

It may seem as just a jacket to you but what you are looking at is a coat made out of a 100% male chest hair! Creepy ain't it. I have no idea why or what they were thinking while plucking out the chest hair to make this jacket but oh well, it gone on sale and costs $3,826 (N612,250). Ermmmmmm, do i need to ask if you would consider buying? Lol! BTW, its unisex *winks*

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sasha Obama out shopping in sexy cut-offs and cropped Tee!

The beautiful 12 year old was spotted recently shopping in this sexy high waist denim cut-off and black Tee. As expected, people are talking about the outfit being inappropriate *straight face*. What are your personal opinions? Do you think this is a little bit too much for a president's daughter? Moi - i think she looks perfect for a 12 year old out-and-about during summer, my thoughts tho! Lets have yours.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

First look at Kate Middleton, Prince William and the Royal baby!

Now, Kate is officially a goddess. I mean, who gives birth just yesterday and can look this good. Looking as gorgeous as ever while leaving the hospital today in a polka dotted dress by Janny Packham and beige wedges - Its so surreal to think she just had a baby hours ago *jaw drops*. Her smile is simply everything and you can tell they are one happy pair! and as for the little King, Welcome!

Face-off - Christina, Toke or Lil Kim!

We saw the style battle between Toke Makinwa and Christina Milian yesterday from my post here and now we have a new contender..........Super sexy Miss Lil Kim. Who styled the Mercy blue tribal dress best? There's someone not making my list and its ......................! You fill in the gap. Lol!

Do you feel this dress is too young for Kourtney Kardashian?

There's been huge controversy about this dress being way too young for Kourt. Well, i feel to an extent it is. Love the fitting no doubt but the patterns/design is a NO NO. However, that for me isn't the worst part of this look. Its the HAIR! I think its time for Kourt to just get rid of those bangs and grow out her hair properly. The fringe just really ages her. don't you think?

Please help me find Tyra Banks' weave!!!

Hey guys, hope you all are having a nice week! not a stressful one like mine *straight face*. So am thinking of taking off my braids this weekend and am so confused on what to fix. I came across this gorgeous weave on Tyra Banks and i was love struck (i guess hers is a lace wig right). I was thinking if any of you fabulous readers/visitors know anywhere i can get a similar one from, i'll be very appreciative (pls inbox me). Also if you do sell, kindly inbox me on ( the weave along with the prices. Many thanks! Ya'll know i find a lot of items for you, now is time to return the favor......Lol!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Face-off.......Toke Makinwa V Christina Milian in Mercy blue tribal dress!

Yup, we talked about the dress on Toke Makinwa from my post here some months back and now sexy Christina Milian was spotted just a few days back in the same mercy blue tribal dress. If you love the dress so much, it costs just $204 (N32,640), get it online here. Now, who do you think is rocking it better!

Popular jelly flip-flops........would you consider buying???

Oh boy! Have these jelly's been over abused or what!!! Am sure a lot of you have seen it one too many times in the past and i wouldn't blame you for saying 'tufiakwa' to this cos i wouldn't even dare myself. Funny enough, these jelly flip-flops are actually branded items. Designed by the likes of Bamboo, Dawgs, pinky, Tahitian and the rest.........i just don't understand how its all of a sudden turned into an 'all wear item'. In the US, it retails for about $30-$35 but here in Nigeria you see them all about. Am certain a most of them are imitations (ofcos) but would you still consider buying if you came across the original ones?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekends fashion/style recap!

Talk about an event'full' weekend isn't it! From the MBGN pageant to weddings and even movie premieres. Here are the fashion/style  hits and misses that caught our eyes. Starting off has got to be the gorgeous Yvonne Nelson in this black couture dress by Mai Atafo. This dress is so gorgeous and its got everything from sheer to beading and, makeup on pint! Sinks and hugs her body perfectly in the right areas #Fabulous!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Trend alert.............Vertical stripes pants!

We all agree that the monochrome is such a huge trend this season from dresses, pants, blazers.........and the new approach its taking now is the vertical striped pants. Yes, it a little tricky to pull off cos for any reason it goes wrong, you may end up looking like a circus star. Lol! What i specifically love about this trend is the fact that it is very slimming and flattering. So if you're thinking of experimenting the trend (which i recommend), here are a few tricks you should have in mind.

Join the movement, Sign the petition!

Isn't it appalling that amongst the numerous challenges our dear country Nigeria is being faced with, it is a shameful debate pushed by a bunch of perverted ignorants and sugar coated as 'protection of the child bride' due to 'self interest' would be a subject of deliberation? 

So a bunch of so called leaders can sit down and agree on a 14 year jail time for same sex marriage yet advocate for 'protecting a child bride'? How hypocritical! Which is more abusive? Why should an underage girl be allowed to get married in the first place?

I encourage all women to please download a copy of the constitution and let's be fully armed with information of what we are fighting for! Remember, information is power! We fight for -

- A clear stipulation of the marriageable age for the female child
- Equal legal protection for the female child as to the male child
- Books and not boobs
- Pen and not penis
- Child and not bride!

Sign the petition here

Friday, 19 July 2013

My best looks of the week - Hollywood and Nollywood!

Gabrielle Union - This grey tank dress is for members only! Its either you've got the body or not and at 40, Miss Union rocks it like no ones business. As usual, understated makeup (which I love), natural hair bun and those metallic ankle strap sandals are everything. She pulled off the look effortlessly!

Simi Osomo - though a very new face, Simi has won our hearts not just as Dr Sid's heart-rob but undoubtedly with her carefully chosen fashion. Have a look at this gorgeous head-to-toe red ensemble she was spotted in recently. Her regal sophisticated dress fits perfectly on her body and those spiked pumps were the exact touch of edge she needed to balance  off her look. Perfect hair, beautiful manicure, sweet makeup #FunFlirtyFabulous!

What do you think about my 2 picks for the week guys? Do you have any other that caught your eyes this week? Let's have your thoughts.

Follow and share pictures with me on twitter @soladunn and let's get interacting.


Thursday, 18 July 2013

SolaDunn's top 5 styling tips for first dates and meetings..........

Either we're going out on our very first date, meeting up with in-laws or beaus friends - we all can attest to how a little intimidating and overwhelming the experience is or can be. That sudden rush of adrenaline through your body, heartbeat doubling up, sweaty feet and palms, that little voice in your head constantly telling you you're not the one amongst other crazy thoughts - boy! Don't we wish we could just pass! *straight face* 

Rihanna's new grey hair......Yay or Nay???

While a lot of us might be battling to stay young, trying all sort of anti aging procedure and products, Rihanna is gladly embracing hers at just 25. Checkout her new grey hair. She shared a couple of pictures of her new hair transformation on her instagram page yesterday. Do you like? Personally, i think grey hair regardless of how good or bad it looks has a way of ageing you a bit so am not too sure about the hair on her. Well, lets have your thoughts.

Skales in T.I Nathan Blazers......Hit or Miss!!!

How stylish does hip-hop artiste 'Skales' look it this print shawl collar inspired blazers by T.I Nathan.......I heart the detailing but i kinda like it more on the model tho. I think his shirt fits better. What do you think?

Even guys mix and match.......Davido!

Who ever said print mixing was for ladies alone? Am sure you guys were too carried away by the stacks of money to even notice Davido's outfit in this picture. What do you think about his whole ensemble? Cameo pants, leopard print shirt, layers of jewelry and a red face cap? If this were Jim Iyke, i would have been slamming the hell out of him by now (hehehehehehe) but i think this is very age appropriate for Davido (just 20) and in one word, he looks #Dope! I'll try to get detailed info of his outfit for our beloved brothers very soon *winks*

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Lacy rubber flats for the rainy season.....would you buy???

Lol! For real guys, i know its not it but i kinda see where the inspiration is from! I was in the market (downtown Balogun) sometime last week to checkout some latest items around especially for the rainy season and there was this flats i saw everywhere (like what i have in the middle) - quite similar to what Jessica Alba is wearing (design wise) and looks a lot like suede but to my greatest surprise, it was rubber! It retails for less than N500 and comes in a variety of colors. Even tho i didn't purchase it (cos i wanted to see how people were wearing it and all), i wanna know - have you come across it yourself? have you gotten one for yourself? How is it? and do you think its a good buy especially for this season? Please do let me know.

The SNAIL FACIAL..........would you consider?

Things people do for beauty these days (fears God himself)..........eating of placenta, vampire facial and what not.......latest addition to the clan is the snail facial! I mean, this is so bizarre and weird, i don't want to even research about it however for the benefit of those of you who might be interested, it is a process whereby you let the snails crawl on your face and the slime it leaves is suppose to act as an anti-aging beauty booster! Question is, would you dare? My opinion, HELL NO! but am sure Kim Kardashian will be totally up for this........Lol!

RIP Talia Joy Castellano..........

It was horrible when i read about this on her official Facebook page yesterday.......Talia, tho only 13 was a great inspiration to me as a beauty fanatic and i was totally shattered when the news broke. I watch her videos on YouTube all the time and you have no idea what i've learnt from this little angel. Ordinarily i should be sad about her passing (cancer) but am equally thankful to God that the very little time she spent, she made a huge impact with her beautiful face, smile and angelic voice. RIP Talia, you'll forever live in our hearts!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Toke Makinwa's all 3 dresses at the City people Awards!

Hmmmmmm.....someone cleaned up nicely! Talk about an epic re-bound by Toke! Doesn't she look beautiful in all three pictures now. Those are the three dresses she wore at the recent city people awards which she hosted. Other pictures when you click.

What do you think about the floral pant suit trend?

I kinda like really liking it! We've seen it on the likes of Solange, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourt Kardashian the past but Vanessa Hudgens was a stunner in this regal brocade two piece (above) by Moschino. I loved her styling too - messy top knot, minimal accessories/makeup and killer black stilettos #Fabulous!

Trick to getting naturally looking pink lips!

Lol! If only i was as innocent as i looked here *deep breathe*. Okay, back to the matter, i learnt this a while ago from one of my most favorite actress 'Halle Berry'( i heart her understated makeup). She shared the beauty secret in an interview back then - it was on how to get naturally looking pink lips so if you want a soft looking pink lips like mine above and you're not sure what lipstick to use, try this
Trick - apply a coat of read lipstick in a patting motion (no lip liner), then gently wipe it off (i use my hand BTW). Don't be too rough, just softly and whalllaaaaa, immediately you'll see the magic. Dab on a little gloss and you're good-to-go. Try it and tell me how it goes okay *winks*

Monday, 15 July 2013

Yvonne Nelson in classy white number!

Thank you so much Yvonne for teaching Toke Makinwa how it is done! Now this is what a cris-cross/side boob dress should look like. Perfect fitting, perfect body.....#Fabulous! That is Yvonne Nelson's outfit at the recent City People Awards BTW! Love the ball peplum, makeup, hair, accessories........double thumbs up girl!

Polka dots on prints.......My favorite!

Can i get a Solange 'halleluyah' for this ensemble, Lol! Yup, that's Diana Kruger rocking one of my favorite trends polka dots on prints. She wore the Emmanuel Ungaro outfit while making an appearance just a few days back. I heart the look, particularly the side slit and the salmon detailing at the front! For more tips as to pulling off the trend, checkout my post from here. Hahahaha, i know what some of you might be thinking *tongues out* Lol!

Halima Abubakar's extensions at the City People or silly?

I really don't understand or probably am the one missing out something - why do ladies fix their extensions in a weird kinda way? Why do they wear too much? Have a look at Halima Abubakar's hair at the recent city people awards. Seriously now, i can't even tell if that's a lace wig, invisible parting, too much extensions or what you consider this sexy or silly???

Sunday, 14 July 2013

You loved it, i found it....Rita Dominic's wedge sneakers!

No doubt wedge sneakers are the hottest an coolest foot wear around now. Checkout this lovely one on the beautiful actress Rita Dominic - you peeps love it so much, i had to get to the searching (got a similar but not exact). It is by Vegan and costs just $42 (N6,700), you can get yours online here. Its very unfortunate i was unable to get it on any Nigerian shopping site. *Sowie* If you want to further explore your options, checkout Isabel Marant  - they make amazing wedge sneakers worn by the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce and Anne Hattaway.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Happy weekend from SolaDunn!

Lol! Okay, to wish you that and also to show you my new braids (did i tell you i was a braid addict) Lol! BTW, it hurts like crazy cos my hair is super 'due' and i can just tell its gonna be a whole 4 days of paracetamol. Oh well, the stress that comes with beauty! But really guys, enjoy your weekend and remember to rest well. God bless you for your love and support always.....xoxo!
P.S - just in-case am yet to respond to any of your comment/inquiries, just chilax, am only surfing for the best answers okay *winks*

What Toke Makinwa should have recommendation!

Without even saying anything, am sure ya'll know who my worst dressed of the week is. I mean Toke, this dress looks so bad from every angle, i don't even know where to start from. First, if you must expose your side boobs (which i have nothing against), make sure you have a nice pair. If your boobs aren't small/perky, this trend isn't for you. Secondly, what are doing wearing such a short loose dress? For someone of your stature and height, you shouldn't be caught dead in this - they only shorten/stunt you the more which is very unflattering. And thirdly (which is the worst part of this look) THE HAIR! Are you kidding me? WTH! Your hair looks untidy and that side bun, needed to have asked for someones opinion. 
my recommendation - Take a look at this similar piece i've chosen for her (right) - this would have made more sense.  Its a lovely color, features a cris-cross back (which is very sexy) and its fitted all the way to the knee (which elongates and flatters her figure more) - i think she in this would have been more classy and sophisticated. Your thoughts guys...........

Friday, 12 July 2013

My facial routine in just few and easy steps...........

hahahaha!!! Don't mind my nasty nails (am sure you saw this from my nail art post here), Lol! Okay back to the face. Yes, our faces is undoubtedly the first thing people see when it comes to our body and trust me when i say the appearance of your face (smooth, wrinkled, spots, acnes, pimples,..........) goes a long way as to defining who you are. I totally understand that at this part of the world (considering the weather and stress), keeping up a healthy face could be a pretty difficult task - but guess what, with just a few easy routine (with dedication), you can get that beautiful look you desire without spending a whole lot...........

Must have accessory......acid green/yellow Stilettos!

Just when i thought the world of fashion is gradually cooling off on bright hues, i saw the Rio Fashion week last weekend and the neon (particularly acid green/yellow) was a huge showcase (besides its making a huge comeback this season) which just goes to tell you - every wo(man) regardless of season could always use an extra pop of color. My personal color obsession for neon is the acid green and pink, but for this post, it will be focus 'acid green/yellow'.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Face-off.............Chris Attoh or Idris Elba in blue espadrilles!


Lol! its funny how a lot of people misrepresent the Espadrilles as Toms. I hope with this post, you will be able to now identify their differences. Lets look at a brotherly face-off now shall we, Chris Attoh or Idris Elba in blue espadrilles? Without holding back, i'll express my opinion on this one. I love Chris, but i just wasn't feeling his overall look from this  event  (just didn't come together) -  so way to go Idris, is he married BTW? Lets have your vote.

and Best dressed at the Men's fashion week goes to.......

If i see you laugh hen! mtchew!!!!! Yes fellas, it was all about Men's fashion week in Paris a while back and ladies, you have the right to remain silent, for anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of fashion. My dearest gentleman, you rock! hehehehehehe!!!