Monday, 24 February 2014

How to wear your wide leg pants inspired by IMAN

The very beautiful super model and entrepreneur 'Iman' is renowned not only for her perfectly structured face but also her iconic svelte figure. At 58, Iman still remains one of the most gorgeous black women in the world. Originally from Somalia, Iman is a mother of 2 and is currently married to British singer David Bowie. Her unique and carefully chosen choice in fashion has distinguished her as a icon in her own right. A particular apparel that i'd love to draw a few inspiration on by her is the Wide Leg Pants. Regardless of how she wears it, Iman seem to be a pro on this one.

Super model, wife, entrepreneur and Gynecologist, here are some inspiration on how to pull of wide leg pants as inspired by Iman.

Wide leg pants are very retro (huge trend in the 50's, 70's and 90's), classy and wearable practically for every occasion - arguably one of my most versatile fashion apparel ever. Whats more exciting about it is the fact that it never goes out of fashion.

One important tip to note when rocking on of these is that you must ensure that the pants are fitted from your hips all the way down to your knee for the most flattering look. Also, the length has to be 'on point' - 1 or 2 inches below your ankle. Heels particularly pointy toe stilettos are the perfect foot wear to bring out its fit.

Works great with all body types - be careful if you're short though, it could end up making you look more stunt so i wouldn't totally advice. I hope you've been able to grasp on or two ideas from her.

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