Thursday, 31 October 2013

Face-off........Tiwa or Elohor in mens inspired wear?

Who's interpretation do you prefer! Tiwa or Elohor?

Eku Edewor outfit - Hit or Miss???

A woman i love to call 'the walking mannequin', TV personalty Eku Edewor spotted this edgy ensemble during her MNET S53 extra show recently. What do you think about it? Hit or Miss? Her classic red lips tho.....

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fabulous Fashion Finds - Carmen Alexandra!

On today's fabulous fashion finds, we have the beautiful and curvaceous personal fashion blogger Carmen Alexandra. I found her outfit fun, fierce and very interesting - how about you?

See Dolapo Oni for WOW Magazine!

The gorgeous TV personalty 'Dolapo Oni' covers this months edition of WOW magazine. Beautiful cover, love her hair and makeup, stunning woman! See more pictures below

Is Nkiru Anumudu creating a head piece trend?

Infamous for her rather unconventional choices in accessories (head pieces to be precise), socialite, Nkiru Amumudu is gradually making a name for herself in the Nigerian fashion scene. Spotting daring headpieces from fruits to shoes, Nkiru is taking fierceness to an entirely different level. What do you think about her style and would you be embracing the trend? Funny thing for me though......i really like this, can't explain why but i do and i wouldn't mind trying it out. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Focus - Iconic Invanity!

What more can we say about a truly iconic designer! My God did Iconic Invanity live up to its name at the GTB Lagos fashion and design week. I was on my toes anticipating this collection and i must admit, i was blown away. Fantastic use of fabric, the patterns were breathe taking and the detailing of the whole collection was absolute perfection. Intricate embroidery/beading, textured satin, beautiful side/hip detailing ....maybe not too excited about the mixing satin and velvet but thumbs up for the risk. Am so gaga particularly for the patterns and dresses. Amazing i tell you! See collection below

GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Focus - Maki Oh!

If you were out to see a collection with 'the wow' factor, Maki Oh was it during the GTB Lagos fashion and design week. My most edgy collection, it features lots of fringe, amazing/interesting African prints, polka dots and well structured cuts. It was one of the very few collections that however lacked 'the color burst' as they kept things very demure with lots of army green, navy blue, wine and black. Beautiful, edgy, and ready to wear, see pictures below

GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Focus - Tiffany Amber!

Never failing to impress, Tiffany Amber brought texture and color power to life in its SS14 collection at the GTB Lagos fashion and design week. Classic Tiffany Amber, this collection features a lot of soft/slouchy fabrics, burst of colors, tie n dye, batik, maxi dresses, full skirts and ofcos its iconic wrap dress. No doubt, highly creative use of fabrics however a bit too traditional. My highlights were the rich textures, slouchy jackets and overly long neck pieces (beautiful). Have a look at her collection as showcased on the runway below. 

Monday, 28 October 2013

GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Focus - Lanre Da Silva Ajayi!

Undoubtedly one of the BEST collection from the ongoing GTB Lagos fashion and design week. Consistently raising the bars (local and international), the ever classy Miss Lanre Da Silva Ajayi has done it again bringing sophistication, edginess and glamour in her SS14 2013 collection. Out of this world fashion, some of the highlight of her collection includes bold embroidery, intricate cuts, water colored patterns and all round professional detailing. A fantastic contemporary collection, have a look for yourself and i bet you will be wowed. Thumbs up Lanre!

Fashion from Black Girls Rock 2013 red carpet!

It was another edition of 'black girls rock' yesterday on BET and as expected, women from all works of life and industry brought their fashion A-game on at the events red carpet. Celebrating women pushing the edge and making a difference, amongst honored this year (2013) were Queen Latifa, Patti Labelle, Venus Williams to name a few. Amazing fashion - we saw a lot of edginess, blacks, whites and a couple of wow of which was Jenifer Hudson debuting her new pixie cut. Hosted by the gorgeous Regina King and Ellis Ross, see pictures below and share your thoughts!

Jenifer Hudson's new pixie cut....Yay or Nay???

Now thats one hell of a transformation! Beautiful woman and yay, i concur. What do you think? She debuted the new pixie cut during Black Girls Rock 2013 yesterday!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Focus - NeedlePoint Shop!

Well, when fashion is 'wearable', then am all for it! 'Urban chic' was what NeedlePoint Shop brought to the runway at the ongoing GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Beautiful collection and one of my personal favorite even though i would have loved to see a bit more edginess.  Bright hues, color blocking, prints and feminine dresses were all on display. See more pictures below and share your thoughts!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

GTB Lagos Fashion week 2013. Focus - Mai Atafo

Am sure by now a lot of you are aware that the GTB Lagos fashion week kicked off a few days ago. I will be sharing with you some must see fashion collection. On this one, it is popular Nigeria designer Mai Atafo. 

Solange Knowles killing it in 3.1 Phillip Lim!

For this, i have no words! Talk anout a perfect way to wear white.  BTW guys, did i tell you shes a friend? hahahahahahahahahaha (in my head). Gosh, i love this girl! See another pic below. Thoughts guys on this amazing fashion.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Genevieve Nnaji's yellow ensemble - Hit or Miss?

The lovely actress posted on twitter this picture of herself in a head to toe yellow ensemble. My opinion tho, am rather indifferent on this one. Here's the thing when it comes to Genevieve for me - you know am obsessed with her style but i think in a bid to consistently ooze effortless fashion, she 'under'emphasis her great body/curves. Like, i can't remember the last time she wore anything that flaunts her incredible figure! For instance, no doubt this is an amazing dress BUT this is something i'd love to see on a 'pregnant' Genevieve or say Genevieve in her late 40's. She's just 30 something (there about right).....she down plays her incredible physique a lot of times for me and that includes this look. Glamorous nonetheless hey! What do you think?

My top amazing ways to 'shave-off' your years!

While a lot of women are all about trying to look younger (going to the extreme atimes), i feel the focus should be more on 'how to look best your age' and not necessarily 'younger'. Over the years, beauty-wise, women of all skin types and tones have resulted to excessive makeup, inappropriate routine/rituals and even cosmetic surgeries all in the bid to looking 'younger' or rather less their age. What a lot might not realize however is that - a little reduction in certain areas could work a lot of magic. Checkout my few easy tips - 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

When did she wear it best? Genevieve Nnaji's ripped jeans!

The sexy actress got us all drooling a couple of months back when she instagramed a picture of herself in sexy ripped denim pants, silk white blouse and Louboutin stilettos. Well, talk about re-cycling to perfection! She spotted a new look wearing the same ripped denim however this time with a Tee, blazers and those flats girl ( can never go wrong) - BTW, i love her hair!. What do you think guys? When did she wear it best for you?

Face-off - Emma Nyra V Rita Dominic in high slit black dress!

First i've got to just say this, Emma is one fine woman sha! Chai! Anyways, back to the face-off. While the incredibly beautiful songstress Emma Nyra wore the long sleeve high front slit black dress with a bold statement necklace, fashion icon and actress Rita Dominic wore hers with the highly sort after Zanotti flame detailed stilettos. Who's styling do you prefer and why?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The royal family have a good time in the bath - well, kinda!

Mehn, some people can so go all the way sha! check out what photographer Alison Jackson (renowned for featuring celebrities look-alikes in her works) have done again. What your're seeing is actually not the real Kate, William ans George but models who are simply look alikes. He did a pretty good job on this one guys, see more picture below. Walahi, this guy will pass as Williams twin and oh, her royal highness also made an appearance

Over the top bridal train trend........what do you think?

WOW you may say.....but am liking! Remember my post on a school teacher who had 80 brides made for her wedding - see post here? Well, just when i thought i wouldn't be possible here in Nigeria, one of my fabulous reader sent in an e-mail on a wedding she was part of. She wrote "i was on the train of a family friend's wedding 2 weeks ago and we were up to 40. we had 15 bridesmaids, 15 grooms men, 4 angels, 2 flower girls, little birde and ring bearer and chief bridesmaid and bestman. it was long and sooo beautiful we all had soo much fun!". See the beautiful pictures she sent in below

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Classical stores introduces their new 'corporate blouse' stock!

Classical stores is an emerging online boutique which deals with strictly designer and branded items. We specialize in designer tops, shirts, foot wear, eye wear, handbags, watches, dresses  skirts, undergarment, makeup, accessories and every type of women and mens apparel. We ship nationwide, For the new season fall, we have restocked and proud to introduce to you our designer collection with precise focus on stylish corporate blouses.   Please checkout our Facebook page on or email us on  With classical stores, you are sure to get class, style and quality! Here are a few of our available items (limited pieces available in sizes S - XL).

Rising fashion icon - Lupita Nyong!

You might not know her yet but this incredible beautiful dark chocolate skinned woman is the walking mannequin fashion is digging at the moment. Her name is Lupita Nyong (30) and she is an actress. Her all round fashion during the premieres of her new movie 12 years a slave was what got me interested in this up and coming fashion icon. See her fashion below and let me know what you think about her. I heart and i've got my eyes on her! Lol! Well chosen  edgy fashion, intricate detailing and gorgeous woman.

Fabulously spotted - Miranda Kerr!

There's something about these looks i can't seem to get enough of.......particularly the picture below. Oh well, i guess when you're a super model, YOU ARE A SUPER MODEL. One thing i love about Miranda Kerr is her ability to make simple pieces look effortlessly chic and classy. She's got a very eye for details i tell you. What do you think about both of her looks. Talk about a well fitted pair of jeans!

What did you really think about Tiwa's performance outfit?


I know, i know guys (covering face). Sorry would be an understatement if i'm to use that word at this point. I was on official assignment at a really remote part of Ghana and due to its urgency, i couldn't give you guys a heads up. E ma binu nitori olorun. Am done now and back! God bless you all for keep checking in! BTW, though this was a while back - what did you think about Tiwa's outfit when she performed with olawale during last project fame? She wore one of her favorite colors (yellow) in sleeveless peplum top and 'short' shorts....not to forget, she performed 'shoeless'. More pictures below

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

11 ways to wear one of falls hottest trend - PLAID!

Doesn't plaid just reminds you of those old secondary school days now, lol! Well, am sure by now, a lot you would know its one of the biggest trends of the new season. Every and i mean everyone is wearing it. While we'll have a look at that for the brothers later on, lets see how we fashionable sisters can get our plaid swag tight this season shall we.

Bridal fashion week feature - Vera Wang!

I can guess its most if not every girls dream to wear a 'VW' dress on her special day right but what do you think about a bridal collection that doesn't feature a single white dress? Top designer Vera Wang debuted her fall 2014 bridal collection and guess what all the dresses were completely PINK! Not doubt pink is a beautiful and very famine color but would you wear it on your big day? You might just consider after seeing this fabulous collection.

Kim Kardashian - Good makeup or Good doctor?

Well, what do you know - people are talking again! Over the years reality star kim kardashian have been rumored to have series of plastic surgeries done particularly on her face (nose). Now, just a few months after child birth, tongues have started to wag - reportedly shes gone under the knife again so i want you guys to have a look a few before and after pictures of her. I think shes a beautiful woman regardless but while we've got some pretty good cosmetic surgeons in the US, highlights and contouring could get a lot of magic done too. So what do you think?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fabulous Fashion Finds - Folake!

Now this is one amazing way to wear red. Christmas is just around the corner and this ensemble is something you just might take a clue from. That beautiful Folake from style Pantry featured this as her look of the day. Just the perfect amount/touch of red and am simply gaga for this - perfect look for a Christmas party. Shes gorgeous now isn't she! What do you think?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Solange Knowles stunned in structures number!

Its about time girl! My very good friend (in my head that is, lol) Solange knowles is back to her to her tradition braids. Not just did she look AMAZING in the hair do, which BTW she divinely does, she stunned in this structured number by Christian Siriano (spring 2014). Head toe perfection! Makeup and those sandals are the ish. Not that she can ever do wrong now, can she, Lol! She was at an event in Dubai where she played as DJ. What do you think about her ensemble? More pictures below

Do's and Don'ts of leggings!

That's it! Am officially traumatized by Tonto, Ini edo and Rukky! Like seriously, why would tuck in or worse still wear a short top on a leggings? That is like the ultimate sin in fashion. Am certain a lot of you have seen this one too many times yourselves in the past - not flattering please, don't do it. Therefore, let's have a look at few rules when it comes to wearing leggings shall we.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Is kourtney kardashian obsessed with short suit? I think so!

The eldest Kardashian sister and very beautiful mother of two overtime has been admired for her amazing choices in dresses but what you might not know however is that shes got good taste for 'shorts', short suits to be precise. The trend is really in at the moment and is a more sophisticated/modern twist to the regular pant suit. To view my comprehensive post on the pant suit trend, click here 

You loved it, i found it......Tiwa Savage's cut-out dress!

Image 1 of Oh My Love Harness Midi Bodycon Dress

The sexy songstress 'Tiwa Savage' was spotted a while back with Ghanaian hip-hop art 'Sakordie' in this beautiful white cut-out bodycon dress. I found it, her dress is by ASOS and costs $63 (N10,120). You can purchase yours online from their site here. It is available now and in two colors. As always, still flashing her engagement bling, I LIKE!

Would you consider having 80 brides maid for your wedding?

The Bride With EIGHTY Bridesmaids! Amazing hey. Dance teacher Katie Dalby was going through agonies trying to choose which of her pupils to be bridesmaids at her wedding. So she picked them all. Funny but nice eventually, i think right! Lol!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Kim Kardashian finally gets her post baby fashion right!

Kim look absolutely IMPECCABLE in this dress. Best by far i've seen her after child birth. She was spotted just yesterday in this drape plunging neck dress. I heart everything about this dress, perfect dress on a perfect curvy girl! You go kimmy! More pictures when you click

Face-off......Rita Dominic V Osahon in floral stripped silk blouse!

I love this blouse so much, i'll do anything to find it! Lol! However, if any of you have a tip-off on the designer/brand or who it is by, please do let me know. So back to our face off, there is beautiful actress Rita Dominic pairing her lovely floral stripped blouse with a mint colored pencil skirt while cute fashionista Osahon wore hers with a black peplum skirt. Who wore it better?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Christian Louboutin introduces shoes to make your legs disappear!

Okay! Not literarily makes your leg disappear, Lol! However, the brand is introducing a nude color pump collection to perfectly match every skin tone. Regardless of how light or dark skinned you are, Louboutin went to the extent of designing an app that will help you find your perfect nude shade by simply taking a picture of your foot - it hits stores this month BTW. I think this is a fantastic idea and finally, women of color can now identify with nude shades. What do you think about the initiative?

Still tying your wrapper? How about you try knotting!

You might have seen designers like Lanvin and Tiffany amber incorporate this into one or two of their pieces and personally, i think its super cool, atleast finally we have a different approach to the traditional wrapper tying. We've spotted it on the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Elohor Essien, Dakore and so on. Now the world of fashion is taking it to 'NATIVE' attire which is very lovely and I guess, worth trying.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

BRAFICATION from SolaDunn - vol 2!

On this edition of brafication, we will be looking at undergarments precisely bras every woman must have regardless of your pocket, skin tone, age, body type/shape or breast size. The essence of this post is to enlighten you on how to be at alert for any and every fashion contingency that may arise. I hope you enjoy reading. Below are my most essential MUST HAVE undergarment (bras) for every woman.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fabulous Fashion Finds - Stella!

Believe me when i say 'simplicity is sophistication'. Talk about styling a simple white Tee! One of my favorite personal fashion blogger - Stella from J'adore looks every inch fabulous in this simple white Tee, beautiful pink skirt and sexy louboutin pigalle. Love it, love it, love about you?

Juliet Ibrahim and Beyonce strut the same pose!

Lol! I sort of guessed immediately just because to me, this is Beyonce's best video look and song EVER (crazy in love)....yup, i know every word and shot from the video (I know, dem no dey use am collect efo from Hehehehe, what a face-off right! BTW, Juliet Ibrahim's skin tho *drawling*. Over to you peeps, who do you think struck the pose better, Beyonce or Juliet? Beyonce's shot was from her first single (2003) while Juliet's from her latest picture release. See individual pictures below........

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Omozuafor rocking her handbag courtesy Hesey Designs!

There's our winner from the SolaDunn/HeseyDesigns style challenge, the beautiful Omozuafo rocking her prize. Yes, you might be thinking the prize is different right? Our sponsors decided to make things even more special by asking the winner to choose her desired prize (even more expensive) and had it delivered. Thanks for sharing pictures darl and i heart your ensemble, care to share? Lol! See more pics below

Jada Pinkett Smith does the miley?....kinda! See her new cut!

Maybe not totally the right decision Mrs Will Smith but fierce tho. That's Jada Pinkett Smith's new haircut. She recently debuted the half shaved do. What you think about it? Moi, i don't like.....sorry jada!