Friday, 31 May 2013

To save your life, choose a feet!

Just for a weekend laugh out loud, if you had no option but to choose a feet from the above, who's would it be Julian Moore or Kim Kardashian??? Remember, you must pick one...Lol!

Sexy ways to wear your cropped tops!

A little bit tricky and daring to pull off at this part of the world (Nigeria), the cropped top is just one trend we can't seem to ignore. Originally a huge trend from the 1990's and now back in 2013 as one of springs most featured apparel. Something to be excited about is that now a more subtle, mature and sophisticated approach has been given to the belly bearing trend by Top designers and fashion forward fashionistas.

Kim Kardashian Finally lets her feet rest!

These were pictures of the reality TV star and mum to be Kim Kardashian from a few days back finally embracing 'safe' maternity wears. What do you think about her new looks guys.......Another picture when your click.

Jlo performs in another elmo inspired outfit!

I don't understand the sort of fashion revolution Jlo is out to achieve/set with her awkwardly feathered outfits but i ain't buying - no thanks! Just in case you dint catch it, she wore a a red feathered costume a while ago from my post here which i likened to sesame streets character  'ELMO'.......guess what now,  just 3 days back, she showed up at the British Got Talent Stage in the black version........yeah, again

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Are the 'SMITHS' Hollywood's most stylish family?


After this, If you ask me, i'll definitely say yes. Lol! For those of you who might not know, Will smith and His son Jaden features in a new movie 'After Earth' and heres the whole family turning out to show their support during its New York premiere. OMG!!! is that willow??? somebody please pinch me! more pictures when you click

How to rock denim shirts..........for guys!

I know most guys if not all guys can never survive without denim particularly now that the shirts interpretation is very in season (can fashion have ever blessed us with a more amazing apparel, don't think so - lol). We can agree on one thing when it comes to jeans - which is, they are incredibly versatile. Dressed up or down, denim are always a go-to. Check out these 5 very cool ways of rocking your denim shirts gentlemen.

Did Adeze commit a 'shoeiside' mission???.......found her shoes!

Am sure alot of you saw this picture and just over looked those bad boys (not by Adeze's side) but her legs........They are called the Gold Christian Louboutin 160mm Insolde platform heels. It was so huge last year and i totally fell in love with them (until my sister gisted me how exclusive they were, i took the next flight back home) lol. Girls, you have no idea what the 'original' of those babies are worth. Click to learn more.........

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Khloe Kardashian dazzles in colorful prints!

Don't know about you friends but my favorite Kardashian sister is the amazing Khloe Odom - she is incredibly beautiful inside and out. She was spotted in this outfit today and it literarily took my breath away. Her print bodycon dress was by Clover Canyon, platform sandals by Jimmy Choo and envelop clutch by Givenchy. Am loving the colors and the word, #fresh! more when you click.......

Grey jumpsuit battle.........Kate Vs Zemaye!

Am sure a lot of you loved this grey jumpsuit on ever classy Kate Henshaw when she wore it to the Bended Knees premiere a few weeks back - but what you might not know is that the beautiful Zemaye Okediji wore exactly the same outfit way back in 201o ( almost 3 years ago) but styled totally in a different way. Who's interpretation do prefer???

Jay and Bee OR Tiwa and T-blizz!

Both are incredibly sexy entertainers with super hunky significant others.........which couple do you consider to be more 'stylish'..........or rather, how would you rank their individual styles. Lol! Beyonce and JayZ OR Tiwa Savage and T-blizz???

Fabulously spotted.........Zendaya Coleman!

Am in love with this young lady! The 16 year old was spotted wearing this beautiful modest knee length marigold dress designed by Prada, spiced with a gorgeous blue open toe front zipper bootie by Zanotti (love the gold zip detail) with minimal accessory and makeup. I heart her look head to toe. Your thoughts guys...........details of the boots when you click

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fashion from the Billboard music awards!

Here are the fashion hits, misses and surprises from the billboard award held last week. More pictures when you click.

You loved it, i found it..........Tolu Oniru's neon statement necklace!

The beautiful OAP, Tolu Oniru wore this gorgeous neon beaded statement neck piece a while back. Guess what, It is by ASOS and costs $48 (N7, 680). If you want it, you can purchase it online here. BTW, was the bra a malfunction or intentional,!

You loved it, i found it............Rita's striped blouse!

Guess what ladies, I found Rita's striped blouse and whats more - it's actually super CHEAP. Don't you just love it when celebrities where accessible fashion.......If you want it, click for details and also here are reasons why its a must have

Amazing hair tips.......visit Jada beauty!

Jada Beauty

OMG!!! you'll be surprised what you'll discover here. It is a site that has proven to be so helpful and inspirational to me as a beauty fanatic. Amazing stuff and even beauty products/advice to help you. Direct link here

Monday, 27 May 2013

Ladies, you asked for it....i found it! Tiwa's printed skirt and sheer top!

Mary Katrantzou Printed Skirt - Lyst

Her lovely print skirt was designed by Mary Katrantzou  (famous for her print designs)and cost $748 (N119,680). The skirt features high waist, printed band and bold print in the front and the rare. If your are interested ladies, you can get it online here. Thank me later fashionista. *winks* Her top too when you click

Hair trend to try.......Center-part sleek ponytail!

Dictated by the runway and perfected by A-list celebrities. Isn't Mya just cute! Oh okay, so this is a hairstyle am soooo in love with at the moment - it is the sexy center part ponytail. We all know the ponytail has been an all time classic and ofcos there are several interpretations to it - it can be worn in curly cascade, textured, short, braided, side swept............but most recently the interesting interpretation that has really caught my eye is the 'sleek center part'.

Fabulously spotted.......Eku Edewor and Tiwa Savage!

Eku looks every inch an adorable doll in this floor length sequin number. She fits so well in it, you just stop to look again if its not a mannequin - lol! Absolutely gorgeous and glamorous. What i typically loved her look was the hair and lips.....classic Hollywood inspired. Eku sure knows how to work her lips hey........more pictures when you click

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Funny but true facts about your 'girls' ladies!

BTW, if you're really busty, this is exactly the bra you should be wearing (pay particular attention to the side/strap to avoid spilling out and folds). Okay now, heres some funny truth about your girls. They are soft, warm, beautiful, bouncy, sensitive, sexy, curvy, but apart from on. You will be suprised on some less known facts about breasts ladies, and men also if you love your woman *winks*

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kim Kardashian finally got it right...........phewww!!!

I don't know but if you ask me, this is the most beautiful and maternity appropriate i've seen Kim Kardashian all through her pregnancy. She was spotted today in Beverley Hills grabbing a meal with a friend. Yes, swollen legs but perfect shoes, sleek hair, chic blazers, super cute side slit dress = happy baby, comfy mum. What do you think guys.

The hourglass shaped woman.....have they really got it all???

Considered to be the most ideal body type however rare, the hourglass woman has always been the envy of all. Compared to other body types, the hourglass is well rounded, curvy and shapy with perfect statistics calculated as 36-24-36 ( yeah, its gotta be perfect). Known to be very curvaceous, it is funny how quite a number of women with this body type try so hard to hide their figure - not KimK though. Can we ever forget this epic picture of Halle berry? I don't think so....and BTW, who looks better in the orange bikini???

Iman and Janet Jackson Dazzles in all white!

These where 2 amazing looks by 2 ageless beauty icons that caught my eyes last this week, First is the cosmetic mogul Iman looking nothing less than glamorous and proving that even with age, you can rock cropped tops. Secondly the ofcos the 'Billionairess' Janet Jackson in am ensemble designed by her hubby's line - Armani PrivĂ© (talk about looking like a stake of money). I guess that all white is forever a classic. See their full pictures when you click

Friday, 24 May 2013

What is her/your beauty secret???

Check out the beautiful Janet Jackson way back in 1993 and 20 years later.........i see no changes o! regardless of rumored cosmetic surgeries, i still think she looks absolutely stunning. Lets get chatting, please do share some of your beauty secrets with us. For me, three things have always worked and still is - they are.......a positive attitude, exercise/good diet and celibacy (unmarried), Lol! Whats your???

weekend style inspiration....high slit maxi skirts!

Chic, street and stylish - the high slit maxi skirt is a must have for every fashionista. Thinking it was only Angelina Jolie and Jlo that had the right to bare the thigh, think again cos you are about to learn the tricks and trades to rocking this.

Is Kanye wearing women's or Rihanna just wearing men's clothing???

Now here are times i get really confused about fashion. Is Kanye rocking women's or Rihanna men's wear??? Hardly do we have a male and female face-off but yeah, we got it now peeps. Kinda funny + weird isn't it.  2 same outfits, 2 different genders and 2 different styling. Who's got this one......first is this color emblazoned pants designed by Kokon to Zai, Kanye or Riri? Another outfit when you click

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Errrmmm, did Yvonne nelson steal a fashion clue from Kstewart???

Yeah, we've seen Twilight star, Kristen Stewart do it all the time, not like its okay but ofcos, people are always entitled to their fashion choices so we'll let it pass. As disastrous as it sometimes get, she manages to pull it off well and overtime its become her signature style. Recently, Ghanaian beauty, Yvonne was spotted with similar ermmm, i dont know, find out when you click

7 commandments for the formal guy!

So its Thursday meaning its MEN'S day. Here is an article i specifically complied for my trendy fellas on the 7 commandments to looking stylishly formal. Well am sure quite a number of men encounter some fashion challenges when faced with task of looking stylish yet very formal. Questions like how to balance off ties with socks, belts and all that are usually the FAQ's. Lucky for you fellas, i've come up with a very few and easy tips to help you make those tricky fashion choices.

Fabulously spotted.......Mr Jay-Z!

How dapper can a rapper look! That is Blue Ivy's papa and music mogul Jay Z. He attended the black carpet premiere of Leonardo Dicaprio's film 'the great gatsby' held at the Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center for the performing arts in New York city wearing this smashing checkered suit. Me love it! love it!! love it!!! The checkered pattern was so on point and age appropriate, great physic and those shoes 'DAYUM'. See more pictures when you click.

Make a difference this Children’s Day with

Lagos, Nigeria, May 13, 2013- As the world gets ready to mark yet another Children’s Day, your number 1 online retailer, has introduced a charity give-back initiative using its social media platform. “In celebrating this year’s children’s day, we at Jumia in addition to other onsite initiatives will be giving back to the less privileged children in the society using our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Happy 43rd birthday Naomi Campbell!

I consider her undoubtedly as one of the most beautiful black woman in the world and the best model to ever walk the runway (for me) . Today's her 43rd birthday!

Solange's white jumpsuit......Hit or Miss???

I look at Solange sometimes and i SMH! The hair, classic red lips.........she is such a style perfectionist. She epitomizes fashion and class like no other, i mean she will make a plastic bag look chic and sophisticated when put on her. The fashion icon showed up at the ongoing Cannes festival in this white ruffled jumpsuit designed by Stephane Rowland (spring 2013 collection). What do you think guys, do share your thoughts.

Kelly Rowland's 'Kisses down low' eye catching makeup!

Am sure a lot of you might have seen Kelly Rowland's colorful and fun new music video 'kisses down low'. Though a very lovely song, what really caught my eyes was her various hairstyles and amazing makeup. Check out a few shots below and let me know what you think.

3 beautiful apparels in one day! Jennifer is officially one of my fashion IT girls! lol!

The latest addition to my  fashion hall of fame has got to be the very beautiful and  talented Jenifer Lawrence. In just one day, she dazzled in 3 amazing head to toe ensemble by Dior at the ongoing Cannes film festival. With beautiful shoulder length hair cut, toned down makeup and a sense of humor as hers, i'd say welcome on-board, Lol!  What do you think about her outfits/style guys, more pictures when you click................

Kate Henshaw's blue bodycon dress....Hit or Miss???

Yes you might have seen it over the weeks but here's where we get to 'really' talk about the fashion *winks*. Now, this was what the stunning actress wore for the Samsung glaxy S4 launch at the oriental hotel a while back.  Below are more images of Kate's blue bodycon dress, but what do you 'really' think about it??? Hit or Miss??? My thoughts when you click, i'd love to have yours too.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ladies, Marc Jacobs has got a message for U!

I fully

Cici or Riri......who's hair transformation are you digging!

The sexy songstress Cici, posted this picture on her Instagram a few weeks back but i didn't realize how gorgeous it was on her till she made an appearance on the Wendy Williams Show. I so heart her new haircut and its definitely going to be my next. Riri on the other end is gradually pimping up her half-shaved head into a more feminine look. 

Blog fan fabulously spotted.......Alice Kingsley!

Oh wow, little did i know i had such beautiful blog visitors o! Lol! So, yet again its another blog fan fabulously spotted feature and on this one we've got the beautiful Alice Kingsley. The very fashionable working class mamacita spotted two amazing looks inspired by two previous blog post - the busty girl and burgundy, fashions IT color. Check out her gorgeous pictures when you click.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Kate and Monalisa just defined our rainy season color combination......grey and yellow!

OMG, i think these gorgeous women just defined the color for the wet season.......yup and am so loving this one - it is Grey and yellow peeps! The combination is not just beautiful, it is very elegant, sophisticated and understated . I highly recommend as a must have particularly for the rainy season. As you can see, it matches well with both skin tone. Kate wore hers as a jumpsuit a couple of weeks back at a premiere while Monalisa wore hers as a preppy dress just a few days at Fred Amata's Birthday. What i love most about both ensembles is their 'minimal accessory'.
Whose interpretation do you prefer.........Monalisa or Kate??? 

Jlo's costume at the billboard awards, just one word!

Check out what Jenifer Lopez wore during her performance at the Billboard awards held just yesterday *lips sealed*. You are allowed to describe this outfit in just one word and one word only....I say #SesameStreet, Lol! I really can point out but it looks so weird. Another picture when you click