Saturday, 16 August 2014

Rihanna lingerie inspired dresses - Hit or Miss?

I don't know how she does it and i'm pretty sure a whole lot of others wonder too. How does a woman throw on an underwear, night wear....what have you and look this good? Who does that? Well, i guess Rihanna does. Edgy fashionista and songstress 'Rihanna' have in the past spotted some controversial lingerie inspired dress. Some to me wear a huge hit while ofcos there were a couple of misses too. Take a look at some of infamous looks below and do share your thoughts on if its a trend or style you'd personally follow.


  1. Sup Sola? Am one of your favourite fans just viewed ur profile for the very first time and realised we attended same Uni, I hail thee our Alma mata, Bowen University. Good job you doing Pls keep it up.

    1. wup wup!!! I'm hailing right back maa'm.....xoxo

  2. Only Rihanna can pull this off! She would look good in just about anyfin!

  3. Riri can do no wrong in my eyes,d babe can dress for universe

  4. Only riri can get away with dis, she never goes wrong with fashion.