Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Long Torso? No Problem! How to dress up your long upper half! part 2

Cont: Just like every other fashion fix, its about doing the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. For instance, if you want to look slimmer, wear vertical stripes; if you want to look wider, wear horizontal stripes; you want to look curvy, wear an illusion dress and so on. Now back to long torsos. What we are looking to do here is to create a balance between your upper and lower half. Since obviously, your upper half is longer, you want to make it appear shorter thereby making your lower half longer. Get it? I'm sure you do. I know there's a lot of back and forth but just read through patiently.

Here are things you should avoid and embrace when it comes to clothing. Moet Abebe dresses very well for her body type so we will be looking at some of her fabulous outfits.

1) Avoid - Low rise/bandless pants, skirts and shorts! This will further shorten your limbs/legs.

Embrace - High waisted pants, skirt and shorts. This will obviously accentuate your lower half/legs and make them appear longer.

‎2) Avoid - Pencil silhouette! Pieces like pencil dresses or tops will only make your long waist more obvious and unflattering in clothes.

Embrace - Flares and Pleats! This will give your lower half the desired fullness and create the illusion of a balanced body proportion. So, dresses and skirts (preferably with wide waist band) that flare out from the natural waist waist line.‎ Empire cuts (cuts underneth the bust) and A-line silhouette are also advisable. 

 3) ‎Avoid - Midi lengths! Clothes with hems sitting 
 a couple of inches above your ankle will only further stunt you. Instead,

Embrace - Short or Long Lengths! If you want to wear something short, let it be above your knees and if you want it long.......let it go all the way down.  ‎Keep in mind however, point 2. 

4. Avoid - Thin belts/ Bands! This does little or nothing for you. Instead,

Embrace - Wide waist bands and belts. This breaks you off at your natural waist line (see point 6) and evens up your proportions.

5 . Avoid - Long tight tops instead,

Embrace - Tops that drape gracefully on you and ensure you tuck them into your high waisted pants or flare skirts for optimum fit. Also, cropped tops look amazing on you. What you need to ensure is that the skirt or pants you are pairing it with has a ‎ flattering 'wide' waist band.

6. *Please note - For you to get the perfect waist line to be able to master all these tricks, get a long strip and tie around your stomach (not too tight). Tilt to side (your stomach will fold at this point) and let the strip slide naturally. Where the strip stops/enters the fold, that is your natural waist line. This applies to everyone 'however' for women with long torsos, take 'up' 2-3 inches from this point to be your natural waist line. This is where your dresses/skirts should start flaring out from and where your belts should be at every given time.

I hope you enjoyed reading and these tips works for you. For questions and contributions, please share on the comment section.

I love you for reading!

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  1. i'm sorry darling. i don't agree with you on this one. Moet does NOT have a long torso! i have met her and she is very short and "stocky" if there's anything like that. She definately doesn't have a long upper body. Please adjust!

  2. Anonymous, can't you see it play out in the pictures? What's the argument?

  3. Lol @Anonymous. This is another person loving her celebrity blindly! I have not met Moet in person but darling, these pictures...come on now. ..haba. uber obvious