Thursday, 12 March 2015

Long Torso? No Problem! How to dress up your long upper half!

Hello guys! Hope you all are doing good. So let me share a personal experience with you. Sometime last weekend, i went grocery shopping with my niece and decided to stop by Mr P for a little window shopping. While i and my partner in crime were being the typical baddies that we are, fitting everything nice that we could get our hands on, i noticed a particular lady that was complaining about clothes that were her exact size looking ill fitting. With the frustrations and all, i offered to assist. After picking out a few pieces, i noticed something very important about her body when she wanted to fit and took off her clothes. She had a very long TORSO.

This brings me to what we will be discussing today and hopefully be able to find some styling solutions to.‎ For the benefit of those who do not know, your torso is the length from your shoulder to your upper hip. This measurement varies depending on your body. Having a longer than normal Torso is regardless of your height however it is often times more associated with people that have long/low waist, athletic frames,  and short legs. 

Please note that this is by in no way abnormal. It simply means your upper half a bit longer than average. Just like having long legs, bulgy eyes, full/thin lips......long torso's are more common than you think. While some have extremely short waist line like Kim Kardashian, some have them very long (i.e lea Michelle, Pipa Middleton, Claire Danes, Kate Middleton and Keira Knightly). On the home front, we have Sound City's Moet Abebe. This body type, if not styled appropriately would make specific clothings appear awkward and unflattering with people in its category. 

For now, i'll leave you with a few pictures to identify whether or  not you fall into this category. Tomorrow, we get into the fun stuff where we discuss styling options, clothings and so much more.

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  1. Wow! ds is totally eye opening can't wait for the styling tips...weldone sola

  2. Toke makinwa has d same body type too