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How to style your most common necklines!

Goodness, its been a while since i've done this right? Just bear with me for a little while longer and i'll be fully back. The project am working on presently is really eating into my time. Just a little!

So now, a lot you might or might not have taken cognizance of the fact that the neckline of your dresses or tops go a long way in determining your accessories particularly your necklaces right? Well, it does and as a matter of fact, in styling, it is highly important to match carefully your chains/necklaces according to the neckline of your apparel. 


Personally, i advice if you can not match this properly, stay off of them rather than getting it wrong. In other to make styling your various most common necklines less complicated, i've decided to write on a few. Its gonna be a lot of fun so i hope you enjoy reading.........Please note that there are a wide variety of necklines but we will be taking a look at the most basic and common ones

1. The Sweatheart Neckline - This neckline is cut in a heart shape at the front. It is usually more flattering on small chested women as it gives an illusion of a wider chest.

Necklace to pair - Usually i feel this lovely neckline is enough as an accessory on it own particularly when it has embroideries. However, if you must add a little something something, choose a flat statement necklace that its details cuts all the way through to the back.

2. Asymmetric Necklines - These are necklines where we have a different design on the left as compared to the right. A good example of this is your mono-strap. Usually more flattering for busty women.

Necklace to pair - Because these necklines are cut in a certain way, i think leaving necklaces out is the best option however if you really want to wear one, choose a necklace that hits right on top of the neckline (not too long) like what Kim has on below.


3. Turtle necks - These are neckline that extends all the way to your upper neck. 

Necklace to pair - Please stay off necklaces that are as equally high. Since the neckline is already high up there, your necklace should be plunging and go all the way down. A long (never too chunky) bead or link necklace is usually cute!


 4. Round Necklines - Just as the name implies, they are neckline cut in a round form. Also flattering for flat chested girls.

Necklace to pair - Choose a necklace that goes in the shape of the neckline (round). On some occasion, depending on the fabric or apparel, a simple drop necklace could work. The trend now though is to wear necklaces that are as equally high as the neckline.


5. V-Necklines - Similarly to what we have above, it is a neckline cut in a V shape.

Necklace to pair - Always wear a necklace that drapes in a V form down your neck.

6. Boat Necklines - This is a neckline cut high up your neck but wide across the shoulders.

Necklace to pair - Long layered or statement necklaces look amazing with this neckline. Always remember to stay off high or short necklaces on here.


7. Cowl Necklines - Apparently, one of my favorite necklines in the! This drapes softly down your neck with a lot of excess fabric hanging giving an illusion of curves.

Necklace to pair - Similarly to what we have on the V neckline, wear necklaces that drapes in a V shape. It could be high or low enough to see through the cowl neckline. Do not wear necklaces that are long enough they fall on the cowl neckline as this may appear very confusing and unflattering. 


8. Scoop Necklines - This is a deep U cut neckline. Gorgeous neckline especially for girls with a larger bust.

Necklace to pair -  You can either decide to go very long or very short with your choice of necklace depending on what you're trying to achieve. If you have a fuller top, go for a short necklace, you want an elongated neck, go with a really long necklace. Preferably with a pendant.

9. Square Neckline - Cut in form of a square. Not my most favorite neckline though.

Necklace to pair - Similar to what we have on the sweatheart neckline, a statement necklace that sits on your chest and not the neckline looks great.

10. Crew Neckline - This neckline sits right ontop the hollow of your neck. Really flattering for small chested women cos it adds bulk to your chest area. 

Necklace to pair - I'd prefer no necklace with this neckline. However, some edgy fashionista's could rock a choker though. Peter Pan/bib necklaces looks great as well.


By reading carefully, you'll notice that following the shape of your neckline guides you to choosing the best necklaces for them. Just follow its shape and don't go contrary to it! I'd also like to add, these are just basic guidelines. Individual twists can always be they say, rules are meant to be broken! Rihanna wore a choker on a Vneck and it looked great right? So, heck yea......just have fun!


I love you for reading.........

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