Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nichle Richie's amazing VELVETy style!

I really don't know why but i've never owned a velvet outfit before. Even with the huge trend with wrappers last year, i still didn't get myself one......for reason's i can't really place. Nonetheless, velvets are really lovely fabrics which may appear very elegant and flattering when done appropriately - one very important trick to keep in mind when going down its lane though is to 'not' mix them with other fabrics i.e purely velvet skirts, wrapper, dress e.t.c and also tone down makeup/accessories. By doing so, you get the best and most flattering outcomes. Edgy fashion fanatic, Nichole Richie seem to be a huge fan of velvets as she's spotted rocking them in several amazing ways . See stunning looks below and get inspired. Which are your most and less favorites. Do remember to share your thoughts!


  1. Sola not only you o, I don't have any velvet in my closet

  2. Nice designs . I am velvet inspired.*wing*