Monday, 27 October 2014

#AskSola - Dressing your baby bump stylishly!

Hello guys, hope ya'll doing great! So it's another #AskSola post and i'm super excited to be writing on this because it has to do with what i call "the best accessory ever" - a baby bump. Below is the request I got from one of our blog fam.

E-kisses writes: Sola dearie pls can u do a post on maternity styles,mostly ankara classy wears for pregnancy..sending E-hugs tnx boo

First, E-kisses (hope you don't mind me calling you that for the benefit of this post), i'm thrilled that you'd go the extra length to look stylish during your pregnancy period - honestly, most women would have passed and taken the months months off. 

Secondly, which is the best part, YES you can look extra stylish and chic during your pregnancy. Over the past few years, haven watched the likes of Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, Kerry Washington and most especially, super fab Nigerian blogger Stella from J'adore blog, i've narrowed my must have apparel for dressing your baby bump to 5 very important o‎nes. They are blazers, an empire cut dresses/tops, maxi dresses,form fitting dresses and ofocs, a super sexy short dress. 

You mentioned something African, lucky you, these are apparels you can easily manipulate and recreate with African fabrics to suit yor desired style. So, either you choose to keep it classy and elegant like Kate or kerry, chic like Stella or Zoe Saldana or sexy like Kim, you're sure to find your niche here.

Blazers -‎ I mean, you've gotta be sleeping on bicycle if you don't have a couple of blazers in your closet as a fashionista right. Well, its even more mandatory as an expectant mother because they are highly versatile. They give you a smart look and you don't have to close them up. Layer with loose tanks, shirts or dresses

African inspiration

Empire cut dress/tops- There's hardly any list that wouldn't consist of this. The most traditional apparel to dressing your baby bump and yes, it can't be over emphasized. That is because they give your desired comfort, define your slimmest body part (underneath the bust) and ofcos show off your lovely lady lumps! *winks*

African inspiration

‎A Maxi Dress - Gone were the days when maxi dresses where boring. With modern cuts like the high/low and cocoon dresses, there's so much chicness and fabulousity to get from the roomy apparel.

African inspiration

Super Sexy Short Dresses - please, please and please, rock this! I don't know if you guys feel the same as i do about this but there's something ridiculously cute in seeing a pregnant woman in short dresses.‎ Keep things chic by opting for stylish sleeves, necklines and asymmetric cuts.

African inspiration

Fitted Dress/Skirts - Bump on full display here! Yup, what not to flaunt. I love it when women are very confident to show off their new curves in decently cloths during pregnancy. Because our Ankara aren't as stretchy as other jersey fabrics, you may opt for an A-line dress if you insist on an African inspiration.

african inspiration

There you have it E-hugs!

Hope i've been able to answer your question hon. Remember to keep your shoe and hair game tight for maximum preggers chicness. 

Here's wishing one of the best 9months of your life!


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Stylishly yours,


  1. Thanks Sola. I'm 4 months gone & beginning 2 show. This is so helpful.

  2. Awwwww tnx sola,i appreciate this...E-hugs muahhhh

  3. You're very welcome! Congratulations again ladies.......hopefully, i'll join the league sooooon *covers face* xoxo!

  4. Soon soon soon dearie...e-hugs hahahaah this my title ehn

  5. Soso! Pls o, i wonder hw dese celebs still wear high heels even wen dey r far gone in deir pregnancy. Is it dt dey dont feel d pains or dey prefare do suck it all d back aches nd leg pains just to look cute? I remember wit Kim K it got soo bad her feet swelled badly nd she stopd. Is dere no side effects? Even j'adore kept wearing heels during her pregnancy period on her blog. Am 3 months gone now, a heels lover, an pipo r already singing into my ears to easy on dem heels. Altho i feel no pains or swells @d moment. BBM confused face.

  6. for a lot of these celebrities, its about being used to it. J'adore has admitted to have been wearing heels all her life as well as Kim so rocking it during pregnancy isn't a biggy for them. Also i feel if you keep your heels at 3 inches or under like Kate, you shouldn't have a problem. But babes, the moment you start felling discomfort, abeg park to heels right back into their boxes o. lol!

  7. These wears are so trendy, simple, elegant n wont cost so much to sow or purchase. Im just a month gone and this will be veryhelpful.thanks