Thursday, 16 October 2014

TBT glamour - Onyeka Onwenu!

Since its throw back Thursday, i thought we could have a look at some fabulous retro looks of the legendary diva, Miss Onyeka Onwenu. Her iconic haircut, love for fashion and beauty wasn't just an overnight transformation, believe me, she's revolutionized the industry in many more ways than music. Her iconic looks are very reminiscent and celebrated in modern day glamour with the likes of Chidinma, Munachi Abii, Katherine Idoho and  Omoni Oboli ditching long locks for natural kinky short cuts (see my post on Nigerian beauties rocking here). With sultry gorgeous eyes, bushy natural brows and beauti'FULL' lips, Onyeka can be described as an epitome of a true African beauty

Wait a minute, didn't Kim kardashian and Naeto C's wife, Nicole wear a similar head band for their wedding? Hmmmmm...........

Thanks to her greatest song covers like One Love, Dancing in the sun, In the morning light, For the love of you and  many others, we are able to have a sneak peak at some her fabulous  throw back looks.

I almost did not believe she's the one this epic shot. Look at how slim she!

Obviously she has always been an embodiment of class, poise and elegance. Pictures says its all.

Now in her 60's, the elegant stallion shows absolutely no sign of relinquishing her title anytime soon. Ladies and Gentlemen, broadcaster, actress  and singer, she is the fabulous Onyeka Onwenu!

She's someone i hope to someday bag an interview with.

Next week, we will be preying into the luxurious looks at a woman i have nicknamed 'The Eyes', Miss Regina Askia! Stay locked!

Do share your thoughts on these iconic looks.

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  1. Shez such a beauty...sola, am still waiting for ur post on ow to rock d low cut.

  2. Hey Buki, Can u please remind on what exactly as regards short hair cut? Is it the care, styling or fit. You may also send me an e-mail too. xoxo

  3. she's indeed an "ICON" and role model to emulate!