Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Inside look at Taylor Swift's phenomenon street style!

If i could describe Miss Taylor Swift's style in two words, it'll be classic and feminine. I'm yet to find any young adult in Hollywood who does those two words better. No surprise to me she won best dressed female for 2014, she was absolutely phenomenon. As a matter of fact, if there's any fashion role model i would advice young girls to follow, it'll be Taylor Swift. Let's have a look at some of her best street style and see how she manages to keep her clothes tight enough to show she's a woman yet loose enough to show she's a lady.

Looking good is serious business and Taylor understands that quite well. To be recognized in the fashion world, your individual style can never be over emphasized. She's admitted to love antiquing and that is very reminiscent in her fashion. Taylor loves her retro dresses! With her, its about the total package - from her classic red lips to hair and accessories. On how she manages to keep it young and fresh, i'm sure that's a secret she only knows. Stunning!

She knows her best feature quite well and takes every opportunity to flaunt it. Dem legs are never shy to come out to play in shorts.

She embraces her femininity in cute skater skirts and makes them look very stylish with cool tops and blouses. 

What's fashion if you can't take risks and infuse a bit of trend hey! Cropped tops were one of Taylor's most favorite trends this year. Now that's how to rock em! Classy!

We can go on and on with cocktails dresses. Super cute!

I know we all wear pants everyday but we sure don't look this fly. Dahm! With pants, i think the secret is about finding the right fit.

She's got some serious shoe game don't you agree?

In all, she's is a great example of a lady who loves and experiments with fashion yet keeping it classy. You really don't have to flash a lot of skin to be fashionable.

What do you think about her style guys? Please share your thoughts!

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  1. Her shoes are so on point but her style, forgive me is boring...

  2. Yea her shoe game is on point!!!