Saturday, 17 January 2015

Kitten Heels making a comeback???

Ok! Seriously now, i didn't want to pay attention to this until i saw Lupita and Taylor Swift rock one a couple of days back (see post here). I have been noticing it for a while now with street fashion and celebrities but i wasn't too sure about how it would catch on but apparently, it is. Does the thought of wearing a 2inchs (or less) heels gives you the cringe? We'll, here why you may think of reconsidering. 

Kitten heels are a more demure version of your regular 6inchs stilettos. The‎y are female shoes that have tapered heels of approximately 2inchs or less curved and set in from the back. They are said to have been introduced in the 50's specifically for young girls because higher heels were considered as inappropriate. Well, the world of fashion embraced it and over the decades, kitten heels have evolved a lot and now is seen as one of the most fashionable feminine pieces.

As a 5ft11 girl, i remember wearing one of these in sling back a couple of years ago and i was embarrassed to death. Lol! But fast forward today, it is something i'd say might be a huge trend in a few seasons to come.

Signature footwear for some of the most fashionable women in the world like the legendary Audrey Hepburn, Michelle Obama, Taylor swift and recently, Lupita Nyong'o making a case for it, the subtle eye candy could havew you re-thinking going low isn't such a bad idea afterall...........stylishly ofcos!

The cute Miss Suri Cruise is also setting the trend for her fellow young stars.

Would you choose it over stilettos, platform or wedges?

Can't wait to have your thoughts!

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  1. like it but love my stiletoes more

  2. It's already a trend..... i have quite alot. love them cos of work #VeryComfy

  3. 3" would do a'la Kate Middleton. These would feel like walking on d ground

  4. I love them all....Sola get sm for me as val gift pls*rolls eye*