Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jay & Bee hot in new Tumblr pic!

Like seriously, can a couple look any hotter? We don't think so! Jay and Bee shared a pic of themselves via tumblr with Bee rocking a head to toe Versace ensemble. Usually am not a fan of print/colored leggings but queen B totally nailed this one. Another pic below and tell us what you think about her outfit. Loving the neck piece


The only thing i don't understand though is the hair #confusedmuch


  1. Sola biko,what's fantastic about this pic? Hian . Anyway isn't her outfit what they call pyjama inspired or what. Was a huge trend for them last year. No I wdnt rock it tho

  2. Give me her Hat and throw other things in the trash can Lol

  3. Jayz's outfit looks okay but Beyonce's outfit looks horrible and she is always trying so hard to look white.