Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Sorry for the Absence!

Hello guys! Honestly i can't apologies enough for the epileptic posts and prolonged silence - i know i should have put this up way before now. I sincerely apologize. Please know its not my wish to stay off this long - The are some personal issues i've been dealing with for a while now and i feel taking some time off is best for me to deal with things. I'm really grateful for your emails, tweets and IG messages, God bless you immeasurably. Again, i am deeply sorry, you are far too kind and special. By Gods grace, soon i'll be back by his grace. Thank you so much for the love. SolaDunn.


  1. It is well with you dear.
    We miss you still!!!!!!!!!

    1. I'm also glad to be back after almost two years of awol *smiles*
      I was an Anon before...but now, I have an id *wink

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  2. Hmmmm!Sola,you treated us so badly...not nice@all.
    But I hope all is well oohh!God's grace is sufficient.
    We love you!!!


  3. apology accepted.. take care of u nd come back soon

  4. God help you in ur specific needs. Cheers bae

  5. I accept your apology but u no try at all. U make me feel bad every time I come here & no new post.

  6. The silence u gave us no dey here at all, but we are still here. Hope u sort them out by Gods grace.

  7. We just u back bae

  8. Sola where are u.
    Miss ur posts

  9. Soladunn watsoever u are going tru please let it pass
    Ur readers miss ur blog