Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Face-Off! Susan, Waje or Olohi in menswear @ the AMVCA!

It seems mens inspired wear is gradually becoming the IT wear in fashion these days. Checkout stunning ladies from the AMVCA 2014 rocking in their creative version. Actress Susan Peters, Singer Waje and wife to popular OAP Olohi Osakioduwa. Who wore it best?


  1. Waje dint dress her body type. shes bulky upstairs and the suit looks structured. she looks like a wrestler. the IK's wife is ok but im not feeling her shoes. susan on the other hand used her pointies to finish work. plus the pattern of her suit is so fresh and unique and not good old monochrome. i wd have said susan had her hair not spoilt everything. i dont think the hair looks good on her.so i give it to olohi.

  2. Waje is on point..love her hair

  3. Wajes hair n makeup 4 susan then everything would ve been perfect.

  4. Anonymous 07.31,u re good,u shld open a fashion blog!

  5. Susan takes it all
    Hair - check check
    Makeup - check check
    Fit - check check
    Shoes - check check.
    Accessories -... The only thing I would have loved to see studs on her ears, but it's all good.

    For Waje, this is not a good look for her body type. But her brogues looks nice, a good footwear choice for men'swear inspired clothing.

    Say what! Olohi's shoe is a no no. I am not even talking about her updo.