Thursday, 13 March 2014

You can actually rock a head band with no hair! Here's how!

Going by the infamous words of the latest IT girl in fashion Lupita Nyong'o at the 2014 Oscars  - ''No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid'' right! Well, i kinda wanna rephrase that a bit and state - No matter how bald you are, you can always rock a head band like nobody's business. Lol! We all know Lupita never gets it wrong with fashion but whats more is that she never gets it wrong with hair (very understated). The dark skinned Kenyan beauty has proven beyond reasonable doubt that you don't need weaves to be beautiful and glamorous. After studying some of her fabulous looks, i've come up with two easy tricks to pulling off her lovely head pieces, which are:

1. Get a statement piece - It quite easy to pickout any head band however, if you are on a low cut or bald, you need to be extra carefully with your choices. We all might not be as lucky as Lupita to have a custom made diamond head band but being stylishly conservative isn't a bad idea too afterall. Head bands with studs, Stones and even side broaches are the perfect choices. Since you're all naturale with no weave distraction, your bright head band is sure to grab the desired attention.

2. Wear subtle makeup - Lupita never goes over board with makeup. You want it to be about your major accessory which is the head band so don't cause some unnecessary distraction with your face. Subtle but beautiful.

It is important to note however that for an extra touch of edge, ensure that your natural hair is well treated and moisturized to create a clean and sleek effect just as Lupita's. 

So you see, bald or short cuts doesn't necessarily equal boring. Just as they say, its not what you do but how it is done! #winks!

Hope you enjoyed!

I love you for reading......

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  1. her chest though.#sigh#

  2. Hi sola, I have manly arms just like lupita and I am self concious about them. I don't wear sleeveless. Pls any style tips. Faithful visitor of soladunn

  3. C'mom.having manly arms isn't as bad as you think. Ladies go very wrong trying hard to conceal them rather than embracing them. If there are any styling tips i can give to you, it is to - watch the neckline of whatever you wear. Deep V or round cuts are best. Stay off power sleeves and shoulder pads. Wear fuller skirts or clothes with hip detailing like peplum to balance off your figure. You may read more and see pictures from my post last week on 'what to wear for a court wedding' . I hope this helps dear. xoxo......

  4. Hi Sola, please I want to ask if a plus size or an apple shaped lady can wear the midi skater skirt. Am apple shaped, big up small down, I like the skirt and how it looks on slim ladies, so I was hoping I can rock it, buh I don't want what will make me look bloated. Thanks

    1. Are you kidding me? Absolutely you can! As a matter of fact, it is very ideal to balance off your figure just make sure the band sits exactly on your waist, flares from right above your hips and you wear something fitted as your top okay. Hope this helps. xoxo........

  5. Read ur emails now woman. Or you close ur box. Haba!

  6. Well, would have never thought about it, very good stylist she has or kudos! To her for bringing such a good idea