Thursday, 1 May 2014

Fashion from the 1st i-heart radio awards 2014!

It was the 1st ever edition and held last night in LA, USA. See what fashion celebrities served on the red carpet. First up is Rihanna..........she wore a sheer lace dress layered with a leather jacket. The highlight of her ensemble to me was the hair. Goodness, bantu knots riri? Seriously? As crazy as it looks and as much as i want to try to hate this............she pulled it off. Only Riri can. Lol! More pics below

Mel B

Hilary Duff

Jared Leto

Selena Gomez

Lauri Ann 

Mya looking exquisite...........WOW!!!

Ashley Green

Guiliana Rancia looks amazeball!!! lol!

Who are your best and worst from the event?



  1. Worst is hilary duff..dt dress does nofin 4 her @ goes 2 mel B

  2. Bad girl riri is truelly d definition of crazy. Mel B and mya r my best, hilary duff worst.

  3. Mel b killed it, I love riri's African look

  4. Gee Rancic is my girl she looks amazing!! RiRi looks kinda funny thou