Friday, 9 May 2014

Stacked up jewelries! Do's and Dont's

With the shift in modern style and fashion, everything seems to be getting BIGGER! How does it get bigger you might be guessing hey?.......simple - Just LAYER IT! Hair cuts, clothes, and ofcos JEWELRIES.......everything fashion is adopting the layered concept! 

An aspect of the layered trend that tickles my fancy is when done with jewelries. It may seem a bit intimidating but i bet you, its a piece of cake - you only have to get it right (just like every other fashion). Here's why you should believe Nelly Futardo next time she tells you.... The bigger...the better! 


Jewelries are one of the most versatile fashion pieces and also the best items to complete your ensemble. In layering them, keep these few tips in mind -

Choose a vocal point - which can be anywhere

Necklaces - layering pearls, beads, spikes and chunky necklaces sounds like something you'd never attempt to pair right? too but have a look at how good Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker does it.

Wrists - I'm guessing a couple of you do this with small beads already right? I've been seeing a lot of that around lately. How about try several tones of bungles in addition! 

Fingers - Thankfully, we are in an era where midi rings is a huge trend so you don't only get to wear rings all the way down your fingers. Keep it cute/edgy with statement pieces like owls, skulls, heart, bows, butterflies, etc.

Go all out - oh yes! Why not? Sometimes in fashion.......more is MORE!

In staking up your jewelries, another important styling tip to keep in mind is 'proportion'. You don't want to end up looking like this!

Keep your apparel, hair, makeup and every other thing simple.

Its a must try trend and i do hope you get to rock it sometime soon. Have fun! 

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