Friday, 16 May 2014

Rihanna debuts new pink Hair! Love it or hate it?

 She's Rihanna.that means she can do whatever the hell it is she wants right. Oh well, the edgy diva has once again taken hair color to a whole new level. Riri showed up yesterday at a basketball game in a pink pixie cut wig which i think kinda looks cool on her. What do you think about the new transformation? More pic below. BTW, this is one bold step i'd advice "don't try this at home/streets".....Lol! Oh, she isn't wearing a bra as usual, just in-case you don't spot that on time.

Who else can make a simple spaghetti strap top and skinny jeans look so chic.......only riri can! What do you think about the new hair? Hit or Miss? Would you dare?


  1. Its a Hit for me!!! Love the floral dress

  2. Its a hit for me! That's y she is bad gurl riri, and lovely floral dress