Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fashion Tips from the OMOTAYO SISTERS!

While we leave our final findings to the Nigerian TMZ team....judging by looks, fashion and choice in men.....Tania and Lola Omotayo are sisters! They were both brought into the lime light by their celebrity spouses and sultry beauty. While the lovely Tania is (still........hopefully) drunk in love with her afro pop beau 'Wiz Kid', the curvaceous Lola is a mother of 2 and wife to member of Africa's most popular and successful twin (Peter Okoye of Psquare).

Although they might share similar taste in men and physical features, the Omotayo sisters seems to have an even more comparison in the aspect of fashion. The lovely light skinned duo's fashion can be described as classy, sophisticated and understated. 


We might not necessarily refer to both sisters (in our head) as style icons even though Lola has one of the most beautiful bulgy eyes i've ever seen and Tania has the sweetest smile......i do feel there are some important fashion tips to emulate from them. 


Here are a few........

- Keep it Simple: With hair, makeup, accessories and clothing. The beautiful sibblings manages to combine conservative,  chic and sexy effortlessly!


Tip - Go for subtle or barely there makeup in your daily routine. Also ensure that your clothes are tight enough to show that you are a woman but loose enough to show you're a lady! Loose beach waves are very beautiful and natural as well. Checkout this lovely floral dress by ....... Available on


- Don't forget to have an Edge: Yes, edge is everything in fashion. There has to be something interesting about your look....something that hypnotizes even the most ordinary eye. This could be, makeup, apparel or accessories. It is something a little bit outside 'the regular'. 


Tip - Stand out from the crowd with little items like spikes, skulls,  soft smokey eyes, midi rings, classic red lips or even changing your regular hair color (not too drastic though).

- Own your Style: Just as the Duchess of Cambridge (kate Middleton), the sisters have a distinct style and they stick to it.  Classic, sophisticated yet playful are just a few words to describe their fashion.


Tip - Its all about knowing and understanding what works for you and not necessarily following trend. Go for classic apparels that never go out of fashion and mix them with playful trends. Classic apparels include blazers, pencil skirts, white Tee, A line dresses/skirts, sdenim pants, etc.

- Embrace your natural beauty: Lola and Tania are never afraid to flaunt their natural self with going bare face or very light makeup.

Tip - keep your skin healthy by always taking off your makeup at nights, moisturize regularly and have a makeup free day. 

 Who says you have to be blood to be!

So ladies, next time you're in sure to lookup these delectable duo....i bet you'll grasp some very classy inspiration!

I love you for reading.......

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  1. There is nothing to emulate frm these 2,they are stale nd ewww especially lola,nd they aint even a celeb or role model to emulate from,there dressing is wack abeg,dnt like this post.

  2. They aint tht fine,they are just fair

  3. Simplicity rules fashion,I like the way dey dress as a person and they are not bad also as skin colour

  4. Dia dress sense is wack biko notin to emulate no style #OMa#

  5. Lol! Shola you failed this one!!! Lola's and Tania 's fashion sense, is boringgggg... I really agree with others commenters. There is absolutely nothing to emulate. Just because she got or looks good in the blazers and white tee pix doesnt mean she gets it all the time. infact 99% of the time, she looks haggard and older in her dressing.They are pretty but dull jare ESP Lola!!! I always can't figure out why she doesn't know things that fits or goes with busty ladies. She has access to cash so that should make it easier in finding the right things for her body type.

  6. na wa ooo sola are u trying to suck up to this two ni? learn from them oshiwo ... just tell us u are trying to be friends with them or something cos this is ur worse post yet... jeeezzzz

  7. na wa ooo sola are u trying to suck up to this two ni? learn from them oshiwo ... just tell us u are trying to be friends with them or something cos this is ur worse post yet... jeeezzzz

  8. dey are not sisters