Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Keep calm and wear a Dashiki!

Shout out to all my stylish new friends on instagram, it's been amazing keeping up with your styles and getting to see your lovely faces. Do keep following, commenting and let's get the conversation going. Up there is one of my fabulous readers from IG (Village gel - her name is nothing similar to her fashion y'all), she's got incredible style i must admit. She's rocking a Dashiki which inspired me do this post. Enjoy!

In the famous words is the beautiful Salma Hayek - "I do have my chubby days". Guess what? We all do! What happens when those days arise? DRESS FOR IT! There's bound to be times where wearing an ordinary bra is worse than climbing Kilimanjaro (i'm so guilty of this, lol). 

What i'm trying to say in essence is that there comes a time in every fashionista's life when she just needs to take a break. Its ok to have days when your body and fashion aren't just in tune. Well, keep calm guys, there's a  stylish way to dress for a basic fashionista's day off. What is it? A Dashiki! 

The very colorful loose fit print draped design originates from the western part of Africa and has gained popularity all over the world. Seen on the likes of Chris Brown, Omawunmi and Beyonce, the Dashiki has moved from a simple indigenous wear to being a very stylish piece. They come in a wide array of designs and vibrant colors. 

How about we have a look some tips and tricks in rocking the comfy Dashiki. Also, street styles and inspiration from fashion lovers and bloggers.

We know the Dashiki is loose fit right, therefore the wisest styling option would be to pair it with something fitted. Pants, skirts and shorts all work great!

Considering how vibrant and busy the prints/colors of the apparel is , opt for plain pieces while combining. Its never really nice seeing a walking Picaso painting. Lol!

A trick i found really exciting is working an elastic band to the waist of your Dashiki shirt or use a waist. For those who want a little more fit, this is an amazing trick.

Also, i love how petite chick's are rock their Dashiki shirt as a dress.‎ Sorry tall ladies, you are exempted. If by any chance my petite girls happen to be preggers too, ain't no shame rocking your bump in one of these.

Play in the same league as edgy divas like Rihanna and Lady Gaga? How about you rock your Dashiki shirt as a cropped top.

‎What really fun about this appareal is the fact that it can be dressed up or down. Worn by the young and the old.......the Dashiki is sure to make you look stylish and comfy.

Its print is in a wide array of designs......skirts, dresses, matching pieces, loose, fit, loads of styles. The most important thing is to have fun with wearing a whole lot of colors in one outfit.

Have you ever rocked one and got the stylish pic, tag me on instagram/twitter and let's put you up. What do you think about colorful draped apparel? I'd love to hear your thoughts and fashionable experiences.

I love you for reading!

Stylishly yours,


  1. Sola! Dis is a kind of post I love u for! More trends!!!

  2. This danshiki has been there for over three months na, I'm surprised you're just posting it. Its a nice outfit.

  3. Lovely post, I always luv ur trend alart.

  4. Lovely post. I have to get one too.

  5. It's awesome look with DASHIKI SHIRT AND AFRICAN DRESSES . I like the way that they mix with many styles. Hip-hop style are awesome! Dress is good, you can wear as casual. I love it

  6. Wow. There are many styles that I can adapt with Dashikis. I love this.

    Thanks for IBESTBUYSELL for let me see this idea.

  7. Beautiful piece and a great way to wear it! Thanks for sharing!