Monday, 1 September 2014

Peeshaun gets a new haircut, guess who inspired it?

Peeshaun of skuki channels his inner Neymar by spotting an identical hair cut to the Brazilian footballer. Peshaun looks really 'fresh' i must admit but the haircut...........errmmmmmm, i'll just have your opinion instead. What do you think? Another pic below.

P.S - i deeply apologize for my prolonged absence - long story guys but really, i'm sorry.

Love it or Hate it?


  1. I'm not really a fan of guys with crazy hair cut, but dis is ok. Btw, peeshaun is fiiiinnnneee! Gaddamit! He couldn't even pity his brother n give him some of his 'fineness'. Sola hope you're good.

  2. @amie haba Vava voom try too naah. He's got a gud shape too. Back to the matter, the hair dou errrrrrrrm don't rily like on neymar either buh den both look gud sha.

  3. I will say ok oo on him, but on neymar is ok. But sola u dey fall my hand with dis ur absence o

  4. Wount d weavon get old #jst thinking#