Tuesday, 23 September 2014

"THIGH GAP"? Bullsh*t!

‎The title of this post sounds stupid right, well thats because what i'm about to talk on actually is. Just incase you haven't heard, there's this ridiculous diet obsession movement on the rise now and it's called the 'Thigh Gap'. As the name implies, the thigh gap is the gap between you inner thighs when you stand up straight with your feet touching each other. Ofcos, some women were actually born with this gap however the disturbing aspect of it is that lately, a lot of girls have turned to extreme dieting and even surgery to achieve it all because it is believed to symbolize the 'ideal feminine shape'. Some argue that it increases attractiveness and is a sign of fragility. As a matter of fact, the wider your thigh gap, the more beautiful you are considered these days.

Well, just as most beauty obsessions, the infamous 'thigh gap' steams from the fashion world gaining much media publicity with Victoria Secret models (2012 show). The modeling world isn't new to this (in existence for years) however, it's become alarming recently that ordinary people now strive to achieve it. Personally, i find this pretty ridiculous and disgusting. I'm tired of consistently having unattainable and harmful standards thrust upon people in the name of beauty. Over the years, we've had beauty obsessions with boobs, butts, collar bones, waist, hips bones, full lips and the most laughable of all.......the thigh gap. 

What's frustrating about this increasing trend is that its totally the opposite of what it is glorified to be (personally). If anything, it's unattractive and weird looking. For peets sakes, how the hell does a gap between your thighs gets noticed let alone being sort after. Its just really sad that in this modern age where we encourage people to love and accept themselves that these preposterous ideas keeps popping up.

It scared me even more while i was watching fashion week on fashion TV last night when i realized that very single model that walked down the runway had this thigh gap..........that is to tell you how big of a deal it is in the fashion world.‎ How vain the quest of beauty has become.

Naya Rivera and Cara Delevingne are a few models infamous for this. 

Ofcos Beyonce caused an uproar a few days ago when it was detected that she had her thigh gap photoshoped in pictures that were meant to have been taken randomly. I was appalled and very disappointed at that, so much for her 'pretty hurts' track hey.

This body fixation is so extreme, in other to achieve it, you have to loose a significant amount weight otherwise get a surgery. Its resulted to various health issues and eating disorders in young girls and women.

My little piece of advice - STOP subscribing to fashion and beauty cultures becasue they are always 'unreal'. They create this superficial being and make you believe that is how an ideal woman ought to be, IT IS NOT. We all have our different bodies, shapes and size. You are not a drawing to be manipulated by its artiste, neither are you a doll! You are human meaning you have imperfections. I've always believed God made us the we are for a certain reason. He's put those imperfections in one way or the other to help us appreciate certain things. If you can't look in the mirror and love yourself, i'm afraid nobody, exercise, diet or surgery will fix it. 

‎Have you ever wondered why confidence cannot be transplanted or surgically fixed? That is to tell you you've got the power to live above imperfections or any other thing for that matter. No one can validate you as beautiful except yourself so get that straight.

Love yourself, stay real and be beautiful!

P.S - if there anything i've always wished for while growing u[........ it was to have bigger thighs to fill out my jeans and that is the honest truth! Duh!



  1. Sola ... really cant appreciate you enuf for this post if only we wud celebrate urselves for who God has created us to be the world would be a better place. So so on point ......U rock babes!

  2. Thigh gap??? Arrant nonsense!its so sad that so many apparently sane people go about with incurably defective mindsets.The whole idea is just gauche.

  3. Dis post is really lovely.....I really hate dis thigh gap thingy.it's actually disgusting..I love me and my body of cos

  4. Toh. Ppl shdnt use this post as an excuse to be fat and unhealthy. Lol. Nice one Sola. I used to be big But after staying true to exercise and diet, I lost a lot of weight and even had a thigh gap. Hmmm. My dear, I used to feel self conscious cos it felt like everyone was looking in between my legs. Lol. I had to add a bit and I've maintained it over the years. I think its a western fad. But her in Africa,girl you better fill up those jeans properly! Daz all. Btw some of them look severely malnourished!!!

  5. Nice one babes.... thigh gap oshiwo

  6. Gbam! It's so bad that some people have inferiority complex and are not proud of whom they are. I love my body.

  7. If i ever hv thigh gaps, I'ld go 4 HIV test. Still looking 4 a way 2 fill out my jeans.

  8. How can I be walking with my thigh wide open all in the name of fashion? Jeez! No way.

  9. As long as you have a natural thigh gap, just be happy about it. I does look sexy to many men, definitely (I am one). But do not try to obtain it by dangerous diets. If it is your natural anatomy (skinn legs, bowlegy, broad pelvis, asian etc.), it ist great and be happy!