Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Linda Ikeji's matching Milly cropped top and skirt - Hit or Miss?

The former model now blogger  'Linda Ikeji' instagrammed a pic of herself rocking this form fitting floral cropped top with matching skirt by Milly sometime last week. Definitely not one of my favorite looks on her, the top and skirt fits perfect on her however with that bag and shoes.......just looks off and uncoordinated (to me). May if the shoes had been white with a smaller bag.....that would have worked but really, i'm just excited to see her in cropped top. Lol! What do thiink guys, Hit or Miss?


  1. I fink its ok buh her shoe dou, isn't it for me.

  2. I do not have anything against Linda but i must say, she puts on a lot of expensive brands and stuff all, but she always looks weird, never been a wow factor