Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nigerian celebrities who makes us think SHORT!

No doubt cutting your hair is a huge decision, infact on of the biggest decisions in ones life, Lol! As daunting as the experience may be, some courageous Nigerian celebrities have taken the huge plunge and guess what, it rocks and works. Here are the top 6 Nigerian women that makes low cut look so good, we might want to just consider chopping our locks.

Onyeka Onwenu - Isn't mummy Onyeka one stunning woman now! She brought the low cut from way back in the days and made it so iconic even with her now grey hair. What more can we ask for from a legend!

Chidinma EkileAn epitome of modern day beauty! Miss kedike's signature cut has caught more attention than her ginormous singing talent (atleast to me, lol). The petite songstress makes weave seem as a sin. Hmmm....only if we were as lucky as her!

Katherine Idoho - anybody who's seen kat' in weave please raise their hands....*straight face*. She's made her signature low cut so iconic, we don't even want to bother seeing her in weaves, EVER!

Helen Paul - I was a little skeptical when the comedienne first went low but on spotting her in subsequent appearances, girlfriend rocks the low cut like nobody's business.

Rukky Sanda - only two people in naija can made blonde look tasteful - Goldie (God rest her soul and ruky). One of the best i've seen the fierce actress. Beautiful girl!

Annie Idibia - put a weave on the head again annie and i'll ......  you forever! Lol! I've always known annie was a beautiful woman from the days of African Queen but somewhere along the line, something went wrong. This is the best transformation ever annie has made and what better time to do it than now that she's 'bumping'.

There you have it peeps, my top incredible beautiful black Nigeria women that rocks low cut both fiercely and effortlessly. Who's your favorite, on or off the list. Can't wait to here from you peeps!

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  1. Mercy j nd uche j nkan,dey rockd fyn also!pls is kedike shape of head oval,lemme knw if I shld consider it?is it jst oval dat cn rock d look?

  2. Chidinma and mummy oyenka are my fave and sola where did u get those pics of katherine from? aha ahan you should have gotten a better pics of her..she is one beautiful lady u know..chidinma and solange her the two Ladies that Rocks short hair like nobody's Business

  3. Sola, maybe u should consider too.
    I've gone on low cut before and I looked like a monkey. *covers face*
    Onyeka owenu and katherine are so gorg on low cut.

  4. Dat low cut is d best tin dat has happened 2 chidinma xcept mtn project fame! Signed:#QUEENTY#

  5. Sola her name is Katherine EDOHO o.

  6. Lol! I've always known annie was a beautiful woman from the days of African Queen but somewhere along the line, something went wrong. lwkmd! that's a funny line.

  7. My front hair line is recedeing badly and I'm thinking seriously of cutting my hair. Still thinking though!