Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Face-Off! Stella Vs Dakore in Virgo Lounge Vintage Dress!

Stella is a fabulous fashion blogger (J'adore) and Dakore is our very pretty girl next door actress. They both rocked the same Vintage dress by Virgos Lounge.While Stella rocked hers in mustard, Dakore did in Purple. Who wore it better? I vote both ladies, they even have similar hair do. Lol! Particular item is already sold out but get similar dresses here. Another photo below

Who wore it better?

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  1. Ope ooooh... stellaa changed her hair, hmmm... shez a fashion icon but dt hair was getting boring! I vote for dakore( it sits well on her)

  2. I prefer stella's cos of the colour

  3. I lack the adjective to describe the beauty of that dress on Stella. Omg!

  4. Stella. The shoes!! Pointy toed pumps add class to any outfit