Monday, 5 January 2015

Most Stylish Nigerian Couple of 2014!

‎There were a lot of kiss 'n' makeup so also slap 'n' breakups in the couples scene both internationally and local in 2014. However, in commemorating the new year, how about we start off by celebrating couples who stuck together through thick, thin and ahhhhh........'fashion'. In no particular order, here are our top 5 most stylish Nigerian celebrity couple of 2014. Obsessed with this new years look on TuFace and Annie BTW, Lol! Ok, lets jump right into it.

Musa and caroline Danjuma - 

As a business mogul one would think Mr Danjuma would take the back seat in fashion but HELL-TO-THE-NO, not this power couple. While we love Caroline's effortless chicness, her hubby's all round mogul style is well complimentary! 

AY and Mabel Makun -

I've got just one phrase for these two - "a couple that matchy matchy's together, stays together"! Evidently!

Adaeze and Joseph Yobo - 

This shouldn't come as a surprise to many of us afterall they are our favorite instagram couple hey!  I mean, he's good looking, has a successful football career and sitting some serious stacks of cash. She's a gorgeous ex-beauty queen and mother of one. ‎Fun and playful are just a few words to describe their very vibrant style.

Dakore and Olumide Akande - 

The picture perfect pair exudes my ideal aesthetics in fashion whenever they hit the red carpet. Their ever classic style with a modern twist never fails to catch our eye. Fashion/beauty-wise, Dakore was outstanding in 2014 and her beau sure puts the icing on the cake 'everytime'!

Simi and Sid Esiri - 

Simi and Sid Esiri - Sorry Dr. Sid but your significant other kinda outshines you on this one (not that you'd have with that, lol). With an unforgettable wedding and a baby on the way, the lovely duo makes simplicity a factor we'd like to consider when revamping our wardrobe. Can't wait for Simi's pregnancy style BTW, am already loving what i've seen so far. 

There you have it peeps. Who do you think bags your most stylish couple for 2014? On or Off the list.

Can wait to have your thoughts!

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  1. I vote d akande's, not dt dey are all dt but ehennnnnnnnnnnn.....

  2. Adaeze n yobo ,maybe because i love them

  3. The idibia and akande are on point, lovely couples.

  4. The idibia and akande are on point, lovely couples.