Thursday, 29 January 2015

Was anyone offended by this photo?

Well i was! Lol! Ok, first, for the obvious, i'm never an advocate of makeup (that goes without saying full faced 'painting') on kids and secondly because her mom (Ibinabo Fiberesima) chose this of all pic to celebrate her daughter (Zino's) 7th birthday  meaning it was intentional. Probably the idea was to be funny and all but personally, i was freaked out about a kid wearing a 'full faced' makeup. I can understand how playful mummy-daughter moments are but its definitely not a pic you'd want to use in wishing your daughter a happy birthday particularly as a celebrity. In a very sensitive world where we try to encourage self confidence particularly for young girls, i just don't think kids should be made to understand 'makeup' makes them look beautiful especially at such a tender age. We should just let kids be cute like that....with the kinky hair, braces, shoes worn cross-wise and stuff. Maybe its just me but i'd love to have your opinion. Her mum later put up a more appropriate pic of her gorgeous daughter (below).



  1. Offended ke? Y shud I be it's her bday cmon it's jst 2 celebrate her BTW she looks prettier in d No makeup pix. Lolz

  2. I really cnt express myslf d way I wnt cos shez a kid, wnt want to come across as harsh or a bully... but dt pic is wrng,wrng, wrng in evry way... d make up dint make her look pretty sef,it only tuk all her innocence

  3. its her daughter n she can do whatever she wants that's hw I feel but the fact that she's a celebrity n with the kinda world we live in she shuldnt hav put it up