Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Wedding Wednesday Features!

So i decided to introduce this new segment "Wedding Wednesdays" as an addition to the blogs post. What happens is that we get to feature lovely brides, brides maids or grooms/grooms men on Wednesdays and have a glimpse of their stunning traditional ensembles, accessories and makeup on their special day. Hopefully with it, you get fashion, style and beauty ideas for your occasions as well. The features will be from some of my favourite pages on instagram like @asoebiafrica and the likes. The features will be from our 3 major ethnic groups/sometimes other here in Nigeria and a formal wedding dress by an international or local designer. 

Yoruba Bride

Igbo Bride

Hausa Bride

Fab dress of the week courtesy BERTA.

Your can send in your photo's or your friends for features too.

What do you think about our stunning brides?

Pic courtesy instagram @asoebiafrica and BERTA.