Thursday, 19 February 2015

Photo's of Kanye Wests x Adidas Collection!

Just incase you haven't seen Kanye's collection for Adidas, here it is. To me, this is one of those collections that leaves a bitter sweet feeling in your mouth. I must admit, there are some pieces that i absolutely love, like the sheer bodysuit (you don't often find that around) but at the same time, you can't help but wonder what Kanye was thinking while he was designing some. Typical Yeezy!

The collection was showcased at the New York Fashion Week a few days ago and in an interview with, Kanye said he is set out to break down the elitism in the fashion industry. He added that he wants his clothes to be easily accessible and affordable by all and though he doesn’t consider himself a designer, he has a vision of what he wants in the fashion industry. On dressing his wife, he said his wife has the “body of all bodies” and he discovered her before any designer picked her up.

BTW, kylie Jenner made her fashion week debut. Can't believe this her her? The wonders of makeup! Still cute though.

What do you think about Kanye's collection for Adidas?


  1. i think its absolute rubbish!!! my thots though.

  2. Asin.... does he tink its a joke or comedy show.... dnt get.... d guy is jst confused concerning evrytin

  3. Anon 00:23 really cracked me up and it's exactly what I was going to say. Very rubbish!lol

  4. I actually like it. I don't know why but I kinna like these pieces