Sunday, 1 February 2015

Tips to styling your engagement photos (part 1)

Alright! At this point, i just want to say enough of the running and catching, looking at a flying bird that is obviously not there and reading of magazines that you both know is as boring AF. Lately, i've seen one too many engagement pics that just makes me want to fall out of love *straight face*. Over the weekend, i therefore decided to compile a few tips (in 2 parts) to help you with styling and ideas for engagement pictures. So, for you or your friends forthcoming engagement photo shoot,  keep in mind these ideas and you're sure to have photos that'll be the envy of all!

1. ‎Make good use of light - Like seriously, naija photographers need to up their game in this respect. Light is such an important element in photography and has the power to make a whole lot of difference. 

What to wear - ‎for this I recommend you wear something trendy, fun and comfortable. You might not necessarily go bright with your outfit. The light does everything for this shoot!

2. Matchy matchy - I know what you might be thinking right now but that is exactly what I 'DONT' mean! By matchy matchy, I don't mean you wearing the same Polo shirt as your spouse and be looking like twins and all. Rather, match strategically. For instance, coordinate the color of your shoes/belt with your spouse's tie or maybe you both wear denim but in different washes or better still just coordinate one color (i.e, the minutest color on your dress could be your spouses shirt). Understand? Just please for the love of God, don't wear the same dahm thing!

What to wear - match your belt with your spouses skirt, match different denim washes e.t.c. Take a cue from the pictures below for more ideas.
Matchy Matchy -

3. Be Classic - I know, I know, I know. I always say not to be too serious (also mentioned in point 5 below) however, there's always that one couple that feels all "royale". Lol! This is actually not a bad idea if your style is classic. I would also strongly recommend this for mature/conservative couples.

What to wear - classic silhouette ‎like an A-line or cocktail dress while your significant other looks dapper in a suit. Its always better when the lady goes bold with her choice of dress color.

4. ‎Be fun - Yay!!! Here's where we get goofy! it's just a photo, why so dahm serious! Have him carry you, dance, jump, ride on a bike or just do whatever! The important thing is that your pictures depicts playfulness and genuine fun! 

What to wear - something smart so you don't have a malfunction ofcos. Lol! Shorts, pants, whatevs.........just go with the flow!

5. Be romantic - Errrmmmm! So you don't people knowing you both have been doing'stuffs' but still want to make your pictures intimate. Play tricky by having your spouse plant a kiss on your forehead while you lay your hands on this chest smiling or have him kiss you on the cheeks from behind. There's a lot of things you can do here or you might decide to go all out and lock lips instead. Who marries someone they haven't kissed anyways. The nearly kiss is my personal favorite.

What to wear - I love paying attention to details here. Show off your engagement ring, wear a statement necklace, intricately beaded dress or eye catching pair of shoes. 

I once learnt something from ‎a movie I saw a while ago. Sean Penn who acted as a photographer in the movie said "the most beautiful things do not ask for attention" and I believe that is absolutely true. So it is important that you get a good photographer,director and stylist that helps you capture/produce the most beautiful unintended moments. 

Above all, be happy and have fun while shooting these photos because it'll definitely reflect.

I hope you find these tips useful and also, you can hit me up( to style your photo shoots.

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  1. HNM...Sola,ure styling mine, ma worry...I hope u wld b affordable sha....

  2. Buki,u just took the words outta my mouth. Sola prepare ooh,u r styling me too. I don't even have a theme;leaving all that to you.