Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wedding Wednesday Features!

Its another wedding Wednesday guys. Checkout our fabulous brides repping their various ethnic groups. All photo's are courtesy instagram pages our favorite photogs, makeup artistes and ofcos asoebiafrica. As usual, the idea is for you to get makeup, costume and theme inspirations. Love this kid doing the shoki bending BTW! 

Igbo Brides

Yoruba Brides

Efic Bride

Hausa bride

Which are your favorite looks!

photos - instagram


  1. The 3rd igbo bride n d yoruba brides are my favs.... the hausa bride shape doe...

  2. The igbo brides and that lil cutie.

  3. I love the first Igbo bride,the second Yoruba bride and that Efik bride is splendor personified(reppin my nativity). Those hips on the Hausa bride,menh!

  4. Soladunn dear, i think u shd just skip the whole ethnicity thing cos u are mixing it up. the heavily beaded brides are Edo brides.....i think

    1. Thank Ose dear, i can't know it so pls just help me state the correct ethnic groups where am wrong......Many thanks hon! xoxo