Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Rihanna's Grammy dress - Hit or Miss?f

Its obviously controversial so its no surprise that everyone seem to have an opinion about Riri's Giambattista Valli couture silk and tulle gown . I know its not the most expected choice for her, but to me, that is exactly why i love it. There's a lot of things going with this dress but i'll summarize by saying, as a fashionista, sometimes you wear clothes for the purpose of 'art' and not necessarily for 'fit'. Years from now, people are going to remember this dress, they going to be talking about it and that is what a fashion statement is. She absolutely nailed this! What did you guys think? 

Her hair and makeup was stunning too.



  1. Loving her "pound the replay" look,actually thought she was hiding a baby bump....Sola pls educate me more on fashion,make up,hair and all..your blog is getting boring ...Lola M

  2. Big hit.... wen I actually saw on tv, dint knw she was d one, she looks divine,innocent nd cute nd yh sumtyms,its abt d art... wit rihanna,i expect d unexpected

  3. Rihanna does no wrong to me...I tink I like it thou but if someone wore it am sure I will totally hate it
    Love the hair n makeup too

  4. Ok o. Congrats all. Its a miss for me. Eyebrows too large to begin with. And that dress, Idongerrit.