Friday, 20 February 2015

Tonye's blue cape long vest - hit or miss?

Gosh i hate Tonye for being so beautiful. Check her face with that pixie just like butter. Remember it told you the long vest was a must try apparel this year? Well, i'm excited the lovely singer is spotting one. She rocked it in blue while hosting a show earlier in the week and i absolutely love her ensemble head to toe. Her long cape vest is by Nigerian fashion brand Gozale Green and features a cropped back. Hot! More pics below

What do you think about her outfit guys? Hit or Miss?

pic - onobello


  1. Nice,dnt like d back view doe....
    Sola, u dnt reply our post nymre nd its bin awyl ve gotten ny personal post frm u( like a sketch, a style u rocked or playing arnd wit).... sha sha sha, hp ure very well? ve a great weekend

  2. There are something you wear probably when u wanna shoot a musical video or a movie and I would be like "awww I so love this" but on a normal day I would be like if I see som1 @d mall wearing is, I will just SMH

  3. The back made me like it more n the colour just makes it perfect

  4. I was beginning to like the outfit till I saw the back. Haba! The shorts is a no for the top abeg. I like the shoe in btw.