Sunday, 16 February 2014

Hits and Misses from the Love Like A Movie 2 concert!

The second edition of Dare Art Alade's Love Like A Movie 2 concert went down last night at the Ocean View grounds and going by reports, it was a pretty outstanding show. Guest artiste, Kelly Rowland ripped the stage not only with her jaw dropping performance but also her amazing fashion. Spotting her new bob cut, she rocked a matching print cropped top, kilt and leggings completed with a pair of lace up booties. See below hits and misses from the show and red carpet below

Tiwa Savage - ok, we see those legs girl! Lesson learnt - always remember to shave and moisturize your legs before putting them up on display. Heart her look!

Muna and Zaina - Muna, beautiful girl, wrong hair. BTW, why is everyone going blonde these days? Not that i mind the transformation but this is just a very wrong shade on her. Zaina on the other hand looks really pretty and i'm loving her bandage dress.

Eva - Both on the red carpet and on stage, she killed it totally! Nice bod!

Ego - I'm not sure what it is about Ego but she always looks tired. Right? She spotted this boring all black ensemble which i think a simple bright colored clutch would have totally transformed. 

Toke Makinwa - She totally slayed this outfit. Body, attitude and confidence on point. Marriage isn't such a bad thing afterall. Lol!

Yvonne Vixen Ekwerre - I'm having a very hard time putting this ensemble together on vixen - she looks very uncoordinated. Obviously, she was out to achieve a retro glam look sorta but got it wrong girl particularly with that 'thing' around your shoulders. Nice shoes though!

Sasha P - Not so excited about the hair but she's been pulling her weight in fashion recently so i'll give her a not so resounding yes for this look.

Others fabulous looks include

 Which were your best and worst looks?


  1. My best was the girl on matching Red..I love her Blazers and the pant sit so well on her, I love how she styled her hair simple and very natural............ Toke I'm not over the moon with the outfit,its just an Ok cloth, just there........ Sasha p looks boring and I hate the hair lol...... Muna looks like a old witch,scary!! Don't knw why muna choose to always look this way!! Ditch the white or blond hair biko.. Nobody wowed me this time,they look boring as usual........................ hello june Benjamin how are u doing?

  2. Boring outfits. Except the lady with the male inspired outfit. Others played it too safe. Black is all I see everywhere. Boring. Orange is the new black. Mint and blush too.

  3. Dear Soladunn! U got it wrong this time o, toke looks awful! Tiwa Savage did moisturise well and is on point, the ex beauty queen looks good in blonde and d lady in red scores 100%

  4. I love sasha p shoe(jimmy choo) really need tht pair badly buh my best is d babe on leather pant and white top! I love her look! Its simple and fab!