Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Would you wear a Decolletage/see through back cut dress on your big day?

A lot of brides worry about keeping things minimal on their wedding day, a lot of people complain about brides being 'too' sexy on their big day.....i say, wear whatever the hell it is you want! It is your day and it'll most likely come once in a life time so make it all about you. The only thing i usually advice brides though is - choose 'classic' wedding dress designs. By doing so, you'll look at your wedding pictures years after and that gorgeous dress will still be very much trendy. Topping the list of modern dress designs these days is the 'decolletage back cuts'. It is seen as a conservative way to flash skin while walking down the aisle without necessarily looking 'skanky'. 
However, i'd love to have your view. Would you hope on the wagon as a bride?  What do you think about the trend? Can't wait to have your thoughts!


  1. I can wear 2. The rest are a bit too much

  2. Its sexy n I love it!
    Its just one day, so lk u said, 'wear whatever the hell you want!'
    I can definitely see myself in d 3 dresses!
    Stunning pieces!

  3. I like the three,most especially NO 1

  4. I like no 1 but am certain I cant wear that on my day.

  5. I luv only 1 & 2 d 3 is really way 2much

  6. I so Luv 1,2 and 3..... But luv 3 d most. Wish I could get dis on my day