Tuesday, 18 February 2014

How to rock your long skirts inspired by the K sisters!

Who else but the Kardashian sisters to give us a bit of mentoring and inspiration in fashion. Aside the fact that you have to be ridiculously gorgeous to make it into this clan, a unique sense of style is highly essential to survive in it as well. From Korts distinct sense of style to Kim's voluptuous curves, Khloe's irresistible 'behind' to Kendall's endless legs and then Kylie's ever cute combinations, the Kardashian sisters are the total package.  Simply because they've got it all in there, we will be drawing a few tips on how to pull off the very tricky apparel - The Long Skirt.

Going by our mentors (the K sisters) who are 'the complete package', we can draw the conclusion that pretty much every woman can pull off a long skirt provided it is styled appropriately.

Here are a few lessons by Kim, Kort, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie.

Kim (The Curve) - For the well endowed ladies, keep in mind that it is all about your killer curves - put em all on display like Kim in a skin hugging long fitted skirt and elevate with a pair of heels. You're sure to get the desired attention.

Kourtney (Style Pro) - One thing you ought to know about Kort is that she's got a very unconventional yet sophisticated sense of style. If you share this ideology in fashion, opt for unique designs like her long fringe  skirt or an eye catching bright colored skirt for that exact touch of uniqueness to complete your ensemble.

Little accessories like belts could also go a long way.

Khloe (The Behind) - Calling on all girls that has got some extra junk in the trunk (i.e Khloe) with a conservative sense of style, choose dark colored skirts like black or grey to suit your laid-back personality.

Kylie (The Cutie) - For all ya'll young and vivacious fashionista's, kylie is one chick to look up to. Always tap into the latest trend like lace or thigh high slits when picking/rocking your long skirts

Kendall (The Legs) - who in the world would have such amazing legs  and then hide them up under a long skirt? Definitely not me. Instead, high low designs best help to emphasize your most valuable assets while still looking girly.

I hope you are able to grasp a few ideas from these sisters. Long skirts can be a bit over powering to pull off so keep the following in mind

- If you're petite and want to look sophisticated, always wear heels. Sandals and not round toe pumps.

- If your long skirt is loose, always pair it with a fitted top, blouse or shirt.

- Because the apparel may be over powering and covered, show a bit of skin with your top to balance things out.

- Always choose designs that flatter your figure.

- Light fabrics rather than thick ones are preferable.

I love you for reading!

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