Friday, 14 February 2014

What is the weirdest thing you've seen this Valentines day?

Oh boy, has it been a hell of a day of a day or what! But before we get right into anything, let me shout out to you my fabulous readers - Happy Valentines day, hope ya'll having  loads of fun? Yes, it is the big V-day and as expected, a whole lot is going down. For some reason, i keep coming across really weird things today. From an entire school being compelled to wear strictly red and white to parties on the streets and even cabs totally transformed with colored papers . I think the most surprising event i witnessed was when two school teachers exchanged sliced bread and buckets on the streets all in the spirit of Valentines day. Oga O! Not that its a bad thing, i just found it really funny. Am sure you've come across a few yourselves today. Please do share. Can't wait to hear from you. *winks*


  1. Queue at cakes n cream na die!!!, stood in line for ovr 2hrs, there was a canopy outside sef

  2. Shopright,no space,swimming pool no space to swim,lovers