Friday, 28 February 2014

Short dress for a court wedding - #AskSola

sola pls. i want to do a court wedding in white . but not with wedding gown. any suggestions? like maybe Kiera Knightly's short dress or any other fab suggestions u may have. something tasteful with elegance and class.cos i'm not doing church i want this to count. I'm inverted triangle shaped. thanks - from  LifeAsYouKnowIt

Hello Dear,

First I'll like to say a big congratulations on your up coming big day. May the Almighty God bless your union IJN. As regards your fashion Q, i must commend you for wanting to pull off a short dress for your wedding - though it is a court wedding, a lot of women would have opted for a colored dress so thumbs up. Rocking a short wedding dress has always been a long time fantasy of mine too, hopefully, i get to take the big plunge.

You confirmed to me that you are inverted triangle shaped (wider shoulder, narrow hips)  so first off, here are a few things you need to keep away from countered with what you should embrace. The number one goal is to get your proportions right to get an hourglass figure.

1. Avoid - high neck and bust apparels from your mid section upwards.

Embrace - Deep cuts particularly V necks and wrap dresses are better because they give you more curves and definition at the waist area.

2. Avoid - because you lower half and more narrow than your upper section, straight cuts often times may appear unflattering.

Embrace - Girly dresses with full skirts/tulle. A line dresses are equally flattering.

3. Sequel to my point above, embrace clothing with hip detailing i.e ruffles, pockets and peplums. They give you more volume in that area. Tube dresses are a great way to show off your well tones shoulders and arms.

However, if you cannot pull off a tube dress, opt for clean sleeves.

4. Avoid - ruffles, shoulder pads and puff sleeves. They will further broaden your already wide shoulders.

Embrace - clean and 'unbusy' sleeves.

5. Its your wedding day, therefore, as much as possible, choose classic designs that will be forever trendy. Lace and retro cuts are my best picks.

Theses are my ideas, suggestions and recommendations. I hope they help girl.

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Stylishly yours,


  1. Nice post

  2. Sola plss na do my own,m not on twitter,damn u good

  3. Must it b white?

    1. She specifically stated she wanted to wear white. Lol!

  4. Lovely post, brilliantly written. Sola, pls do ds post 4 d other body types. Tnx mucho.

  5. Nice post sola,bin mia 4 a while now buh gud news is am bak! I asked dat u make a post on ow 2 b trendy & stylish while pregnant buh u'v not even mentioned a tin abt it let alone make a post. Pls do sumfin abt it fast. Thanks....