Friday, 12 April 2013

Indigenous hair styles making massive comeback!

As they say, before Abraham...there was Isaac! or was it Jacob? oh well, you fill in the gap. lol! Before all them Brazilian, Peruvian, Asian, e.t.c. hair, i tell you, there was real 'HAIR'. While writing this post and compiling pictures, i knew for certain my generation has absolutely no idea what hair fashion is. The old African( Nigerian) era was not only infamous for amazing body art but also for super creative and timeless hair styles. You'll be amazed how the old saying 'nothing new under the sun' applies here. keep reading to find out how these ageless hairstyles are making their huge comebacks!

While i might not be able to write in full details about these amazing hair trends cos its waaaayyyyy before my time (if you know what i mean), am gonna do my best to make sure you get the idea. I gave my mum a hard time on this one. lol! Here are the past and present looks..........


This was originally woven with rubber treads and was wrapped into different styles. It involved sectioning the hair into parts and gradually wrapping it with the rubber tread. These days, it has been rejuvenated into more trendy looks like what Uti has on with the use of kinky extensions and antimacassar. It is a good way of growing out your hair especially for beginners and also repair damaged hair lines.

I don't Know * straight face*

What i know tho is that its a hair trend from way back in the days (1950's) and Jada Smith is rocking it. Lol! This also has been worn a while back if you remember - where you cut out a section of your hair in front and tweeze to give it a fuller look. right?


I was so excited about this but then i was disappointed cos i couldn't find the exact picture to match this style but am sure ya'll know all those 'iyami leko' naw abi? With the color, shine shine and all that? This is where the trend emanated from o. lol

Woven Mohawk

Maybe not the original name but it's sha what it looks like hey! Girls are jazzing up the hair trend these days with lots of colors, hair extensions and accessories.


Henhen, i know this one wella because i did while i was in primary school *eye lashes* lol! Even though i hated it like crzy back then, this has proven to be one of the biggest hair comebacks this year. It was woven invertedly (Didi) from the middle all the way down with the tips knotted. I'd recommend this for women with oval or round shaped faces.

Natural Bun

I was very surprised when i saw that even male had their hair grown out so long from back in the day - i hope ya'll would let Denrele be know. I love this style so much because it is done 100% natural so your hair must be super long with no additives to achieve the classic look.  Probably not one of his most flattering looks, Mr Edun rocked looked dope regardless in this bun while paying his final respect to his dear friend 'Goldie'

Shuku Didi

We can also refer to this as the inverted koroba because it is its direct opposite. My dad tried all he could to get into this hair style one but who was he kidding? he did get his wife tho, lol! Very traditional and epic, the Shuku has been made in several trendy ways including Ghana weaving but nothing compares to its original look. Highly recommended for damaged hair and pregnant women. lol!

Woven Shuku

Another twist to the original Shuku yet very traditional, this is done by creating tiny sub-sections along the parted sections of the hair, then inter twinned into each other t  create a braided look. Mama up there is totally rocking it and i love her hair accessories too. Kinda looks painful tho!

Braided Bun

Even queen B didn't forget her African roots. hehehe! Quite similar to the bun (up), this is wrapped more slicky and a braided touch is added to the ring of the bun thereby creating a more feminine look. I think this is worn by young maidens back then. Isn't the old school lady just beautiful! Lovely smile too.

Fish tail weaving

Asin, you go fear eye lashes o. heheheh!!! One of the most complicated styles i've ever seen, this oldies braids has inspired a lot of hair trends such as the classic fish tail and so on. I wouldn't mind this though........just to release my inner 'kunta kinte' lol

Coned Shuku

This can either be in inverted weaving (Didi) or weaving itself. The only distinction from the original Shuku is that, the tip is wrapped upwards in a coned shape to give it that African look.

I apologize if it didn't get enough information on the hair styles such as thier original names, years and so on but am sure you enjoyed reading. A lot of them where worn by the Yoruba's from back in the days. If you have pictures from other ethnic background, please tweet at me @soladunn or have them sent to me via e-mail. I'll love to have them featured.



  1. Lol, u go all out 2 get ur pictures oo.. Nice, not my style but its alright on them.

    1. let's just say am a really visual person. *winks* xoxo

  2. Nice......hmmm
    It shows dat fashion trends never dies rather it regenerates in a more classy way

  3. D hair styles r 9z tho...lovin sum of dem.


  4. Hey!! #+am lovin ur blog#


  5. I so wanna braid my hair so bad,bin natural 4 5months now n though its hard cos am a natural dada,hence my hair so HARD bt d praises av hrd pple give babes on deir natural hair is encouraging.still fixing on it though,want it2grow out longer b4 rocking it!wud braid next!seen 1 woman in dat owu style,blond 4dat matter,it was nice though

    1. You are a natural locks girl? lucky you! i've always admired people with natural locks. Yes you made a good choice, starting off with tread (owu) or rather kinky extensions is a good way of accentuating your beautiful natural hair. When its much longer, then you can consider braids. I will be writing a post on kinky African hair soon, am sure you'll find it helpful. Have fun! xoxo

    2. Thks for this advice !have gone natural since last year....and wondering what to do to mine hair .....thks for this advice going for treading ....(kool )...newest fan!

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