Sunday, 24 November 2013

Full fashion from Tiwa and T-bliss' wedding! Your best and worst looks!

Its no longer news the star studded event went down yesterday here in Lagos and huge congratulations going out to Tiwa and Bliss. As expected, Tiwa looked divine in her all white ensemble (not really common for an engagement attire and am suspecting Tiwa just the trend a 'pass mark'), her husband looked super ass well (loved his fila), Lol. Celebrities in attendant gave various fashionable interpretations to their lace 'aso ebi' - lets talk a little now shall we and have a closer look on our most and least favorite outfits.

I don't really understand why people are hatting on Karen Igho's dress. I feel the cut-out was properly intact and not opening at the sides as most backless dresses do. Thing for me though is that, am not a fan of people going too crazy with native attires, for some reason, it cuts across to me as a 'disrespect' to the fabric (just my opinion). But, its Karen for pets sake's, we're used to seeing her in bold attires,  she gets a pass for me on this.

Toolz as expected made hers into her traditional off the shoulder body fitting mermaid dress. It works for her body but not too sure about her gele. The maybe, soon to be Mrs Banky W gave hers a more subtle and classy interpretation. Thank God she didn't tie a gele with this dress, it would have ruined everything. Very cute and lovely!

Agbani Darego looked the exact way i look in Iro and Buba - if you know what am saying (we have almost the same physique) Lol! Her outfit didn't really work for me, maybe because of her svelte figure. I wish she made her lace into an elegant dress, that always looks good on her. Nonetheless, i loved that she took a risk. Its nice to see her in something different.

Madame Toke Makinwa of Life, Lol! I think she's just perfection in her ensemble. Can't even hate one bit girl! If there's anything to learn from this look, it is that 'buba get size abeg' - flawless fitting on there Toke. I hope my tailor remembers this next time she's making one of those bubu buba for me. Mtchewwww!!!

Its obvious that the gossip blogger (Linda Ikeji) isn't too used to 'gele' tying now, doesn't it! Though properly tied, that head gear needs to be pushed a couple of inches backwards. Yes, she looked good in her one shoulders top and long skirt, but it was her beaded neck piece and makeup that really caught my eye.

Funke Akindele made a huge comeback from the awful attire she wore just last weekend to Peter and Lola's wedding. I can say for the first time ever, i heart her outfit.

Need we say much on our best dressed entertainer of 2013 now, naaaaaa!!!! Don't think so. Rita Dominic never has a fashion day off - love the touch of her personality. Lami Philips, ermmmmmmm, don't really like this on her but i like the conservative way she wrapped her gele though *winks*

Sasha's outfit was lovely but a little overplayed in my opinion

I am in love with Waje's V-neck blouse or maybe dress. It was the perfect fitting on her. Werk that figure girl!

I can't see that very well but i sincerely hope Eku Edewor isn't wearing an iro n buba! God i hope not!

Not one of my best looks on Toyin. I guess somedays, you just wanna be pregnant. Lol! Nice makeup tho.

Other must see looks below -

Dr Sid and Simi

Dotun and Wife - somebody please tell me what in the world D'banj's sister is wearing? That blouse, gown, whatever is ill fitting from every possible angle and her 'gele' is poorly tied. She fall not only my hands, but my whole bodi. Hian! Still like her 'girl next door' look anyway!

Halima Abubakar 

Toke and Mrs Naeto C - just in case i didn't say this above, Toke's makeup was spectacular!

and a whole lot of others

Cant wait to have your thoughts on who you think looked perfect and those who looked pathetic! 

Stylishly yours, 


  1. OhmyGosh! soladunn I'm loving ur blog more and more! Bring it On Girl WooHoo..I agreed with somethings u said but eeerrm Linda's outfit was just there and nothing intresting,her Voltrons her free to say *Nonsense*sasha looks horrible what's with the Gold and silver..Agbani,Toke,Waje and funke looks super hot..I love Rita's head Gear ..Tiwa didn't Invite seyishay abi dem still they beef? Lol anyways congrats Mrs Teebillz..sola I need more of this fashion police post..I did enjoy this one..

    1. Hahahahahaha...........thanks April! *winks*

    2. oh, BTW, Seyishay was there. Just got an exclusive pic (last photo) and am not so impressed with her outfit.

  2. Sasha's dress is nice. That's an exceptional cut. The front is so different from the back. I don't think its enhanced her figure well tho. Banky's gf is sooooooo hawt!! *faints*. And Sola,even if she tied gele,it won't be so bad if its tied prettily.av seen ppl dress like that with gele. Still turns our nice. Funke's combo is darling. I always shed tears whenever I look at Rita. How can one person be so statement making ALWAYS????*no homo* lol. Sola is that wrapper she's tying or a skirt? Every other person I dint mention shd park well. Lol.

    1. You know, you're right about Sasha's cut being exeptional. The problem i have with it is the mix of fabric. That skirt is way too heavy to balance the sheerness of the top. As for Rita, i dey wonder too o my sister - but that looks more like a wrapper than a skirt!

  3. Na WA oooo. Most girls here just looking brighter than the future of Nigeria. Toh.....

    1. Lol @ brighter than the future of Nigeria. xoxo

  4. Pls sola advice Toolz to stay away from off shoulder cloths haba! U r becoming sentimental

  5. as much as I love linda ikeji I think everything she's putting on is not just right .... toke's make up always divine love her for that... rita domnic, I just wanna be like her when I grow up.... andrea is sooo hawt!!!... emma nyra shouls learn to wear native attire biko cos she's always so different and yuck at iyanya's armpit ewwww ..... somebody should plz tell Halima abubakar that we know she has plentyyyy human hair .. tired of seeing the whole of brazil on her head