Saturday, 30 November 2013

Worst Nigerian Celebrity red carpet looks of 2013!

Remember when your mum used to tell you - have a look at the mirror before stepping out? Well, apparently, not a lot of our celebrities listen then - this got us thinking WTH were they thinking when some of them stepped on the red carpet? There were a lot of 'oh dear' moments in fashion this year but who dares to make it on my list? We're talking fails, flops, boobs and oh yeah, WTF's! These are the worst must see epic fashion moments of 2013 in Nigerian entertainment. 


1. Lola Maja - (Red carpet or Tea Carpet) - This ensemble got me guessing Lola was most likely playing tea with her kids and kinda forgot to change before hitting the red carpet. Even at that, this right here is simply unforgivable for a grown woman playing tea. Poor her! And whats with her hair? Lola used to look really beautiful last time i checked!

2. Tiwa Savage - (Cut-out Mess) - Lesson to be learnt on here, if an outfit is too tight for you, regardless of the designer or how blown away you are, NEVER WEAR IT.  Unless you want them shrinking the hell out of your girls just as Tiwa in this Bridget Awosika dress. Besides, the color so bad on her - it doesn't compliment to her skin tone in any way.

3. Susan Peters - (shine bright like an diamond alien) - Where exactly do we start from, skirt, top, shoes, accessories or her rocking dark sun shades on the carpet? This isn't just one of the worst ensemble of the year, its gonna be the worst for years to come.

4. Genevieve Nnaji - (Sheer Shredded) -  Obviously, there were mixed reactions to this dress and yes, i'm one of those who think it was a huge MISS. I don't know but to me, this dress was just sheer confusion. Even here lovely hair and makeup couldn't save the day.

5. Omotola Jalade Ekehinde - (Feather Failure) - I know this outfit was a show stopper but not in a good way. Elaborate feathers and patterns are two of the worst combinations Omotola should adhere strictly from when picking out dresses. It doesn't flatter her figure in anyway. I love its color tho.

6. Toke makinwa - (Boobs unhappy day out) - Not only were her boobs inappropriate in this dress, her entire hair and makeup was a huge mess. Those braids look like they're 5 months old now don't they. Lol!

7. Ufuoma Ejenobor  - (Pathetic Patterns) - In joan's voice - for this dress, i have no words! Like seriously, this is one serious epic  fail. Wrong design, wrong body and even worse pattern! Seriously, red shoes on pink lips???

8. Rukky Sanda - (Nip Slip) - In fashion, if you don't have the guts, don't dare! Not that this dress was that bad, i don't have a problem with people wearing decolletage necklines but obviously, Rukky didn't have the confidence to pull it off and ofcos, the little girls decided to have a moment in the spot light. Lol! Yvonne did a lot complimenting her in the pic.

9. Toolz - (Leopard Invasion) - I want to believe toolz learnt her lesson from this. BTW, am i the only one who thinks she looks significantly shorter in this dress? That's what a wrong apparel could do to you - determine your height! Her makeup and clog'like' shoes? WTF?

10 - Stephanie Okereke Linus - (Fabric Frustration) - Is it me or this dress looks poorly stitched from every possible angle and the fabric cheap? I can't get why a movie star such as Steph would ever step out in something such as this. It is wrinkled, its tacky and you tell she isn't even feeling herself in the so called dress. Wrong! wrong!! wrong sister!!!

There you have my WTF dresses for this year peeps. What do think about both the celebs and their outfits? Which is your worst of the worst or do you have any epic moments out of the list? Do share!

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  1. My worst are Toolz,ufoma and susan peters..susan why why why ur so Beautiful but u never get it right..Toolz has never wow me B4

  2. All but stephanie.I dnt agree.
    Not bad and u make it sound WTF..m

  3. I sersly agree with you on all this apart from that of Genny..

  4. I actually like lola's dress..its really fun....but 4 d rest, I almost passed out especiall susan ns steph

  5. You absoluetely broke my heart when u mentioned Genny. And the dress you criticized is a show stopper!
    That's pure perfection!
    Her hair n make-up killed!
    She looks stunning.
    I wish I knew why you don't like the dress.
    Oh well!

    Serzly, wtf's wif Susan peters?! I laffed out loud when I saw her outfit. And the shoes?!
    Shoot me!

  6. Porsh, I disagree with you, what's show stopping about the dress??? The designer is definitely confused, the sheer spoilt it. Not nice at all

  7. Na wah for designs and patterns. But I don't see what's wrong with Gennys'. Zizi

  8. Ma worst r Susan peters, Tools n Stephanie. Wth wre de tinkin????

  9. Ma worst r Susan peters, Tools n Stephanie. Wth wre de tinkin????

  10. D only rili bad ones re ufuoma,susan, omotola,tiwa n toke. D rest re not as bad as yu made it seem lik I hv seen worse.

  11. as i'll agree with you on all the Celebs here, i strongly disagree on Genny and Rukky...They both look stunning...How do you tell Rukky's lack of confidence? Omotola would have nailed it if those feathers were completely off her neck, the feathers at the tail end would have just been fine...The double combination gives the entire ensemble a garish look.