Monday, 25 November 2013

Looking to brighten up your look? Try a hot pink stiletto!

A while ago, i wrote about my obsession with neon shoes and my favorites which were acid lemon and Pink. Haven written on acid green, for this post, we will be looking at the why's and how's of pulling off a neon pink stiletto. Pink is a shade that can't be overstated when it comes to femininity and incorporating it into your outfit in form of a footwear is usually eye catching, sweet and beautiful. A lot of times, we get overwhelmed on what exactly should be the focal point of our ensemble but i'm telling you now, if you're ever in doubt, wear a pink stiletto! I know it may be a little tricky and most likely, you may be a little scared going down that lane but not to worry, that's why am here to break things down specially for you! Lol!

KATE HUDSON photo | Kate Hudson

Firstly, let's have a look at 'why' you should wear a pink shoe? Why not if i may ask?

- Pink is a really feminine color and there's absolutely nothing wrong with channeling that sweet side of you as a lady atimes. Its one of the best ways of embracing your femininity in fashion.

- Pink is obviously a burst of color. Infusing that into your dressing oozes a really sweet and refreshing kind of aura. 
- It is beautiful to look at and the perfect pop of color needed to elevate any ensemble from sloppy to sensational!

Which brings us to how to wear them?

Boring outfits - The LBD these days is referred to as the 'little boring dress'! You don't want to be perceived as the boring fashionista now right? Naaaa, not when you're my blog reader. So, elevate your casual denim, dress, shorts e.t.c with on of these. Its the perfect pop of color and funny enough, it is complimentary to a lot of skin tones.

Busy outfit - Who ever said there's anything like 'too busy' in fashion? Well there is, but the key to pulling it off is confidence and keeping things in proportion. Have a look at Madonna's hot pink pumps #fierce!

So, there it is guys - the pro's and con's of wearing a hot pink footwear. I hope you've been able to learn one or two tips form this piece. I'd recommend it as a must have for every fashionable woman. Remember, it is complimentary to every skin tone and trans-seasonal.

Colors are beautiful and hot. Therefore, let your legs do the talking and have loads of fun with them.

I love you for reading! 

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  1. Kim does no wrong .ever. Lol. She dey always get all the fashion items

  2. Great post!
    I just wore a pink shoes to add a pop to my boring sunday outfit. :D