Saturday, 16 November 2013

Need a 'shirt dress' icon? Talk to Rita Dominic!

Beautiful actress Rita Dominic is undoubtedly one of the best dressed celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment scene, however, a particular apparel she seems to be a bit obsessed with and works great on her is the infamous 'SHIRT DRESS'. Rita has got amazing legs and she ain't afraid to show it! She's rocked her almost 'signature' shirt dresses from high class fashion red carpets to down low urban ghetto. See a few of my favorite looks below.

1. Its all in the Sleeves - if there's anything standing out about this onesie on Rita, it has got to be the sleeves.

2. Putz in boots - who ever knew a kick ass bootie could transform an award winning actress to a rock star? Lol! 

3. Bright in yellow - Rita is wearing it, almost half of Nigerian entertainers are, so why won't we? She looks super gorgeous and fresh in the bright hue. Plus, her plaid shoes are the business.

4. Divinely white - Can an angel look any better? Hmmm......we'll keep guessing while our eyes beholds her royal beauty, Miss Dominic!

5. Tights on - It might have been a forgotten trend yet Rita makes it look so modern.

6. Boyfriends shirt? - After instagraming this pic, i bet a lot of ladies raided their man's closet. Why not if i may ask? *winks*

7. Trendy in prints - The world of fashion is hearting prints, Rita is and sure is perfection in this water colored print!

BTW, great legs on there Rita but one thing am terribly sad about is the fact that she had just one hair style in all pictures. Other than that, you rock Rita!

So what do you think about her shirt dress obsession? If you asked me, i think she's a pro to follow!

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  1. She is really d best dressed celebrity, her dress sense is really superb.

  2. Soladunn ,thanks for your thing,let's know where we can buythis Nigeria. Thanks dear

  3. Soladunn you really have a way with words,it's commendable!

  4. Best dressed actress in Africa..... my icon

  5. Her Hair is great! That's her signature hair style. Its just like some1 growing their natural hair Or afro! She loves it! And I love it!!! #take a clue from Folake of style Pantry#