Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tiwa Savage obsessed with purple are we!

It is daring, it is fierce, it is vamp, it is PURPLE (some call it plum)! Darker lip shades from the 90's are turning up the world of beauty and daring fashionistas all around are embracing. A particular shade that seem to be very captivating yet understated is the ever rich and trendy purple. Purple is a very beautiful color and thanks to brands like MAC, several shades have been developed to match every skin tone. Dominating the world of beauty and inspired by one of naija's finest 'Tiwa Savage' (gosh! She's so beautiful now, isn't she), here's why you should try the trend and my recommendations.

Before we go further, it is important to note that factors like your skin tone, the volume of your lips and all round makeup should highly be considered while wearing purple lips. Maybe not something you'd ordinarily wear everyday but something you should definitely rock when trying to make a bold fashion statement.

Light - As you can see from both Tiwa's photos below, this is a lighter purple shade. Really fun color and a lot more conservative to wear. Also, you can decide whether or not to play up or down your eyes while wearing this shade. If you have really thin lips, this is the perfect choice - just get a really good liner and werk it! Personally, i love my lipsticks matte but if you desire a little shine, dab on a gloss.

My recommendation - get either MAC  'up the amp' or Pink PopCorn

 Lipstick Lipstick

Dark - For a bold statement anyday anytime, dare yourself with this darker purple shade but be careful tho, if by any chance you have really thin lips, this may appear very unflattering. However, if your lips are full, then its a must try. Also note, while wearing this shade, it is essential that you play 'down' your makeup cos any additional color may overwhelm your overall look. Tiwa rocked hers amazingly well in both appearances below.

My recommendation - get either - MAC sweet succulence or satin lipstick in cyber - both are intense blackish purple.

 Lipstick Lipstick

Other factors to consider while picking out a purple lipstick or rather, wearing one may include your outfit, hair and even event. Another tip i'd suggest is not to get overly adventurous while trying out purple lipsticks especially if you're a starter. Make it the focal point of your look and that would get your message across without necessarily looking like a beauty 'victim'. I hope you enjoyed reading and you also do get to try.

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  1. Now ı wıll go back and use my favorıte purple lıpstıck,H̶̲̥̅̊ṁ♍m̶̲̣̣̣̥̲̅ṁ♍m̶̲̣̣̣̥̲̅! Tıwa fyn sha

  2. The Lipstick fits her Lips no be small.. sola well done!

  3. Sola dear how much is mac lipstick? Amy.

    1. Hello Amy, it retails for $15. Its just a couple naira above when buying here in Nigera.