Wednesday, 27 November 2013

SolaDunn's Nigerian Celebrity Beauty Honorees 2013!

We've talk about fashion now its time for the beauty cops to take over. Ofcos, fashion can never be complete without a touch of glam. Guys, its time we checkout who's got the best beauty palette and hottest features in the entertainment industry.

1. Best Hair/Brows - (Tiwa Savage) - The new bride has got the most amazing baby hair i've ever seen...EVER! Just when i though it was only about her hair line, she showed off her thick locks in her musical video and we all kinda wished she never wore weaves again! As regards her brows, always perfection.

2. Best Lips - (Tonto Dike) - She is one woman you'll kiss and scream...I LIKED IT! What's not to love about poko's full delectable lips.

3. Natural Beauty - (Susan Peters) - OMG!!! We saw a whole lot of 'no makeup' selfies this year - some scary, some alright but no one tops the naturally beautiful and controversial actress. Goodness, she's gorgeous!

4. Best Makeup - (Toke Makinwa) - I don't know if its Toke or a makeup artiste, but whoever it is sure is doing a phenomenon job. Her highlights and contouring is sheer perfection.

5. Best Skin - (Genevieve Nnaji) - Not just is she incredibly talented, her caramel skin is picture perfect. Its simply to die for #wow

6. Best Body - (kate henshaw) - The 42 year old actress shows us it pays to hit the gym! With rock tight abs and butting guns, we all thirst to see the fit mother of one in a bikini someday. Hopefully!

7. Bald Beauty - (Zainab Balogun/Chidinma) - If you can rock a bald head, you've got to be an exceptionally beautiful woman right! Zainab and Chidinma, proves you don't need hair to embrace your femininity. P.S: they've got really nice shaped heads though!

8. Hottest Curves - (Ebube Nwagbo) - Okay, somebody please stop me from yelling UKWU! Sorry Ebube but your curvaceous bod makes us rewind the track countless times. What I love about her still is the fact that she dresses to accentuate her hour glass figure.

9. Best Smile - (Monalisa Chinda) - Could anything be more angelic? Hanhan! She's an absolute doll whenever she flashes her widest grin.

10. Best Eyes - (Eva Alodia) - Forget about the lashes, contacts and makeup, Eva is an exceptional beauty particularly her sultry eyes. How do i know this? We graduated together from the same university.

I almost didn't want to include this but c'mon, just can seem to get it outta my head. We are all guilty but some more than others. Lol!
11. Weave Queen - (Halimar Abubakar) - well, let's just say we'll gladly award her the title.

What do you think about my honoree guys? Can't wait to hear from you.
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  1. It all made sense until I saw the weave queen. It got me laughing. Lmao

  2. All true, except Halima, I'd give Linda Ikeji hair or Toke Makinwa, Halima's hair looks rough and unkempt many times too often. Sola! you can look at somebody o! I just noticed Eva's eyes, sweet!. Help me beg Ebube to gimme small back side nah. Susan looks younger without make-up, really nice. Tonto's lips, yeah! Tiwa's brows and hair. #lovestruck#

  3. awards, spot on! ...lmao at Halima's award so true am very sure brazil is crying due to how she misuse their hair .... u just gotta love genny's skin though

  4. Lol perrrrrrfect..u cldnt have said more about Halima she is indeed the Queen of weaves...I say yes to susan peters that lady is beautiful me likey..sola u said it how exactly it is

  5. And I hope Toke's makeup is not an everyday thing ..I'm Afraid she might grow old#Runsaway#

  6. Lmao sola U̶̲̥̅̊ no serious, ℓ̊ wish Halima can Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ this

  7. Monalisa is supposed 2 be included in best skin....mhen av never seen a naturally light skinned lady dt has such beautiful skin...nd b4 some ppl will say " na bcos she yellow" I will say YES...cos trust me its nt easy maintaing a fair skin dts nt bleached...its nt easy

  8. Tot twas jst me dat noticd Tontoz lips o...I sooo luv dem #nohomo. I luv Toke bt she's 2 hard on herself mostly wit d way she kips her face on pictures. She can loosen up by smilin a lil cos she's rili a pretty woman.
    Sola I agree wit u o


  9. Halima abubakar is trying so hard to be nigerian's nicki minaj, but she no fit!

  10. Sola dear,pls I need u to answer dis question of mine.The skin on my palms are hard,pls,what can I do to correct this?thanks.Ur ardent reader.

  11. kate 42 ke....i pray so