Thursday, 28 November 2013

Why Michelle Obama is my most stylish and beautiful first lady of all time!

Can you believe that up there is the first lady's natural hair? Yes peeps, she's got amazing locks. The United states first lady over the years has not only wowed us with her tremendous hard-work, dedication and beautiful personality........ as a mother, wife and the first lady of the USA, little do you know that she's also a writer and a lawyer. Amongst all these, she's also known to have an excellent taste in fashion and style. Every single ensemble she puts on her body oozes class, elegance and poise. She's truly an inspiration to me as a person and that's why am sharing some of her fabulous fashion moments.

Topping my list as one of the most beautiful women in the world (beauty in all ramifications that is), here are a few reasons why i love the very elegant Michelle Obama

Diamonds? move over ladies.....Michelle keeps accessories classy and proves that pearls are a girls best friend

Isn't afraid to experiment with hair. I loved when she shocked us with the full bangs, did you?

Demure in many first ladies can pull that off! Lol

Beautiful and elegant in dresses. Who ever her stylists are, they are dahm good!

She's on top of her fashion game, she wears prints and patterns like no body's business....don't you heart those ankle strap stilettos now.


Doesn't care, she rocks shorts. Even tho she stated it as one of her most regrettable fashion moment. I didn't think it was that of a 'sin' though!

She proves that even with professionalism, you can still ooze style

She rocks girly skirts so well, she makes a thin girl look bad

So proud of her black heritage, she flaunts her natural hair

Michelle pulls off colors excellently

Glamorous and breathe taking in Couture

Compliments her man and kids + gosh,  her skin is amazing!

She's super down to earth and ghetto..........she plays hula-hoops and attends video music award....

She's got a hot behind, even Barack doesn't hesitate to put a hand on it. Very sharp guy! Lol!

I admire her urban fashion, she wore the very hot trend 'denim on denim' from way back in the 70's* 

Her style is both relatable and accessible at the same time. From her womanly bod, to her carefully yet experimental fashion, i adore Michelle Obama and vote as the most stylish and elegant first lady of all time.

What do you think about her as a woman and a fashion icon guys???

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  1. Nice feature. Well put together too. Congrats Sola.

  2. She's the best. Enviable physique to boot!!! Luv luv luv her style!!!

  3. keep 'em roll'n in. I am so in love with ha style. Thanks to Abisola. Zizi

  4. u have said it all ..... dat denim trouser got me real good like no other first lady can pull dat off abeg

  5. I love her. She could be called perfection. Onemore ththing I admire about her is her shoes. She doesn't pass her boundary. She doesn't wear sky high heels. She knows what suits her.

  6. I totally agree with u..she's fashionable and classy..never knew she could be this hot in a Denim and her body is to die for..The kardashians that insulted her* saying she wears cheap items and all*its not the amount of what u wear but how well u can pull it off and with all the cheap items she oozeees class than they michelle obama I want to be like u when I grow up .Thumbs up sola

  7. She's very classy and elegant... She doesn't look like she tries too hard but she is always well put together... I totally love her style..

  8. She's divine and i wish i wd still be so fashion forward at her age.but Sola we all know that as much as I can die for Michelle, you have to give it up for Jackie Kennedy. Its debatable tho but JK always wins it.. Do an extensive research on JK and get back to me. Thanks

  9. Elegant is the word,she makes bin first lady look like a piece of cake

  10. I love d way Oga put hand for hin thing.
    Just love dis woman. Truly, money cannot buy class.


  11. Eh Sola always check your writeups for errors and spellings. I like your work. Stay blessed!!!! @jazprill

  12. wow!!! great job sola,, well put write up!!!